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Student Profiles

Molly BogartMolly Bogart ’13

Brunswick, Maine | Brunswick High School
Major: Political Science
Minors: Sociology, Spanish

Clubs/activities: Honors Program, SU College Democrats, H.O.L.A., Sustained Dialogue, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Susquehanna University Political Review editorial board

Post-graduation plans:Working for a non-profit or graduate school

Most exciting thing about studying political science at Susquehanna:
At Susquehanna there are so many ways to get involved, either through political clubs such as SU Democrats or SU Republicans, or other activities such as Mock Trial or Model United Nations. There are so many ways to gain hands-on experience. It really prepares people for experiences beyond college. You also have the ability to really personalize your degree. Because there is such a variety of classes here you can delve into any area that interests you.

Biggest academic challenge:
My Honors Program Sophomore Essay research really challenged me. Dr. Lopez was my advisor, and my topic was the relationship between religion and nationalism in the Soviet Union. It is the most comprehensive research project I've conducted to date, and I gained valuable research, analytical, editorial and time management skills during the process!


Byron ChowkaBryon Chowka ’13

Coal Township, Pa. | Shamokin Area High School
Major: Political Science
Minor: Legal Studies

Clubs/activities: Mock Trial, Pre-Law Society, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society

Post-graduation plans: Law School

Favorite class:
Law and Politics, because it covered the same material that I will be learning about in law school. It explores the world of law with theories and concrete examples. We learned about the American judicial system and the players that are involved in it. Discussions about landmark Supreme Court cases were used to show how judicial rulings in the past are affecting us today.

Biggest academic challenge:
For my Diversity and Politics class, I had to research an immigrant group and present a paper on it. The narrowing of my thesis and the vast amount of research were the toughest parts. After the paper was written, each member of the class had to then give a presentation. I was fortunate enough to be selected to present my paper in front of an attorney and others at the Latino Symposium, which Susquehanna hosts. Doing this project really opened up my eyes to the past hardships that my ancestors endured when coming to America. I now look at those today who are here just like my ancestors and respect the sacrifices they are making for a better life.

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