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Fatima Faris '17

Fatima Faris ‘17

Providence, R.I. | Classical High School
Majors: Political Science, Theatre (Performance)
Minor: Spanish

Clubs/activities: Resident Assistant, Head of Knitting Club

Post-graduation plans: Peace Corps, Service, Graduate School

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest academic challenge has been finding the perfect balance between my two majors. As a political science and theatre double major, it is sometimes hard to divide myself equally between the two departments. A lot of students do it, and I luckily have an adviser in the political science department (Dr. Makse) that I go to for scheduling, de-stressing, and advice.

Favorite Class:
All of the classes I have taken within the political science department have been my favorite classes on my schedules. If I had to narrow it down, I would say that my absolute favorite so far has been Dr. Kesgin’s World Affairs: Statecraft. All of my professors can vouch that I am very competitive when it comes to activities and games. I like to win even when there is no prize involved. World Affairs: Statecraft really allowed me to get in touch with my competitive side in a mostly healthy way while still applying the themes we learned in the class to the simulation.

Jacqueline Keenan '16

Jacqueline Keenan ‘16

Bayport, N.Y. | Bayport Blue Point High School
Majors: Political Science
Minors: History

Clubs/activities: Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity), SU Mock Trial, Pre-Law Society executive board member, Alpha Lambda Delta (first year honor society), Campus tour guide, SU Political Review editing team member, Pi Sigma Alpha (political science honor society)

Post-graduate plans: Attend law school

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest academic challenge was taking the Political Science Research Methods class with Dr. Makse. This was the first class that I took at Susquehanna where I felt really out of my element. There was quite a bit of technical thinking, using equations and various computer applications to understand political phenomena, and these are definitely not my strong points. Making it through that class was really difficult, but I feel that it really helped me better understand exactly what I am studying and the practical applications of that knowledge.

Favorite class:
The best class I have taken at SU so far was definitely Diversity in American Politics. I really enjoyed exploring the different facets of the American political system and all of the ways that different immigrant groups were, and still are, received into the States. My favorite part of the class was the final assignment when we had to choose a specific group and detail their treatment upon entering the U.S. and present our findings in front of our class. We then had the opportunity to take a field trip to New York City to see Ellis Island and the Tenement Museum to experience how these immigrants would have lived. It was a great way to end the school year!

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
In the months leading up to making my decision of what school to attend, I was torn between three really great universities and was having a difficult time deciding what would be the best fit for me and my future plans, so I emailed each of the pre-law advisers to get a feel for what the program would be like. Two of the advisers responded cordially and mostly directed me to the information page that was found on their school website, but Dr. DeMary took the time to address each of my questions in detail and welcomed me to continue our correspondence if any other questions came up. When it came time for Accepted Students Day, I had the chance to meet Dr. DeMary in person and she made me feel so welcome at Susquehanna. For the past two years she has been an incredible mentor and an integral part of my life at Susquehanna in and out of the classroom.

Michelino A. Sferra '16Michelino A. Sferra ’16

Pennington Township, N.J. | Notre Dame Catholic High School
Major: Political Science

Clubs/activities: Mock EU, ROTC, Pi Sigma Alpha

Post-graduation plans: Commission as United States Army officer

Favorite class:
War and Politics with Dr. Lopez was my favorite class, because it built off of key concepts learned in courses I had taken before while introducing new and important ideas in an interactive way. Simulating an ongoing war was one of the most helpful processes I’ve ever had when it came to learning international and political motives for states and their leaders. We simulated the Syrian civil war and were given roles to play on both sides. This was an opportunity to ask ourselves what we would do in the present situation and compare those decisions with what leaders actually did.

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest challenge to date would have been the paper I wrote for my research methods course spring semester of my sophomore year. The course can best be described as a pre-senior seminar class that teaches different ways of research and different styles of research. I quickly knew what style of paper I was going to write, however it was my first in-depth study of a topic of my complete choosing. While it gave the creative freedom to pick my own thesis, I also had to decide what political phenomenology I wanted to focus on and how I was going to get the necessary information. Throughout the process I changed and honed the skills necessary to properly conduct the research and ended up with a fantastic start to what I hope to research for my senior seminar project.

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