Education Programs at Susquehanna

Early Childhood Education (preK-4) 

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Early Childhood Education (preK-4) prepares students to seek certification in preK-4th grade. Graduates of the program are prepared to teach K-4th grade and in preschool classrooms. Students take courses in history, geography, science, language arts, reading, literature, music and math as well as courses in educational theory and practice. Because almost all education courses require practicum experiences, students seeking certification usually begin observing classes in local public schools and preschools in their first year, and they continue to engage in practica throughout their entire college careers.  

Please note that all education students must formally apply for admission to the teacher-education program in their sophomore or junior year. See Program Admission Requirements  for more information.

Secondary Certification

Secondary certification qualifies teachers to teach in grades 7-12. For those students in the Secondary Education Program, education training courses fulfill 34 of the 130 semester hours of credit required for a degree. A list of majors at Susquehanna that can lead to teacher certification is available.  Note that all education students must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program in their sophomore or junior year.

Music Education

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education prepares students to teach music in grades K-12. Music education students pursue a rigorous course of study in music performance and theory as well as educational theory and practice. Most music education students do their student teaching in the fall semester of their senior year. Please note that all education students must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program in their sophomore or junior year, including those who have designated music education as their major.

Teacher Intern Program - A Post-Baccalaureate Program

The Teacher Intern Program provides a route to secondary, elementary or early childhood certification for those who have completed their undergraduate degree. In the Teacher Intern Program, students take courses needed either in the content area or in education to satisfy requirements for certification. Candidates for certification in the Teacher Intern Program may earn teaching credits while employed in a public school.


Title II Report

Susquehanna University's Education Department complies with federal reporting requirements under Title II, Section 207 of the Higher Education Act of 1998 and the Pennsylvania State Department of Education regulations found in Chapter 354 – General Standards for Professional Educators. Reports in electronic format are available here.  Hard copies of the report are available for at the Susquehanna University Blough-Weis Library, Office of Admissions and Education Department, as well as the Selinsgrove Community Center Library, 1 North High Street, Selinsgrove, PA.

Course Catalog

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