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Adams Center Scholars

Ebony BradleyEbony Bradley — "With the total cost of the trip underwritten by the Arlin M. Adams Center for Law and Society, in March 2011, I was privileged to attend the 11th Annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama with the Faith & Politics Institute."  

Sara Budsock—"I am thankful to the Adam Center for providing me insight into a perspective career goal, and eventually allowing me to make an educated decision on the right career path for me." 

Bryon Chowka — "Upon graduation, my plan is to attend law school. Because of the Adams Center, I have made significant advancements in reaching this next step in my life."   

Kelsey Fleming Kelsey Fleming — "The Adams Center has provided a number of opportunities to apply what I have learned in the classroom to real-world situations." 

Catherine Greathouse—"My work at CASA—especially my interaction with the families and court system—has provided valuable experience and knowledge and added to the foundation that I’ve been building in the classroom at SU." 

Greg HaklarGreg Haklar "The Adams Center has helped me learn the sociological and criminological theories that drive law enforcement and policing and given me the opportunity to work side-by-side with law enforcement professionals." 

Samantha Hogan—"As I reflect on the undergraduate experiences ... I feel especially grateful to the Adams Center for Law and Society and North Penn Legal Services for the remarkable insights and opportunities that were afforded me as an Adams Center Scholar."

Jonathan Holloway—" My experience as an Adams Center Scholar was invaluable in any number of ways—especially in terms of helping me decide on a career in law and preparing me for law school.  It’s something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life ."    

Alissa Reedy—"I learned a lot from this internship and could not be more grateful to have had the experience. I learned that, at the end of the day, judges and lawyers and policemen are all just normal folks." 

Brittany SeymourBrittany Seymour — "Thanks to the Adams Center, I have now set my sights firmly on a career in academia.  I hope to one day join a university faculty where I will conduct research of my own and mentor other students in sociology." 

Alex StikolskyAlex Skitolsky — "In my future plans to pursue a Ph.D. in legal studies,  I know that the Adams Center's mentorship and support has made me a much more attractive candidate to prospective graduate programs."

 Stephanie Stewart—"I developed a sense of understanding for human rights and needs that will continue with me far beyond my four years of undergraduate education."

Ariana Stowe—"The Adams Center Scholars program is just one example of these amazing opportunities for students to grow through real world experiences in the area of social justice and law." 

Erin Whitney—"My internship provided a kind of learning experience that isn’t available to students in a traditional classroom setting."

Matt Wyman—"As someone who intends to pursue a career in law, I was grateful for the opportunity to gain insight as to how the world of a legal professional unfolds on a daily basis."

Michael Yoder—"Being selected as a scholar for the Arlin M. Adams Center has been one of the most monumental accomplishments of my academic career at Susquehanna University."



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