Faculty & Staff

George F. Cravitz
Adjunct Faculty Education
Phone: 570-372-4235
Office Location: Apfelbaum Hall - Rm 220
Office Hours: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., TTH


  • EDUC-101 Introduction to Education & Society
  • EDUC-202 Introduction to Human Geography
  • EDUC-420 Methods in Teaching Communications
  • EDUC-421 Methods in Teaching English
  • EDUC-422 Methods in Teaching Foreign Languages
  • EDUC-423 Methods in Teaching Mathematics
  • EDUC-424 Methods in Teaching Science
  • EDUC-425 Methods in Teaching Social Studies
  • EDUC-426 Methods in Teaching Social Sciences
  • EDUC-427 Methods in Teaching Citizenship
  • EDUC-601 Independent Study
  • MGMT-501 Independent Study
  • OFFP-CHILE Life is Good in Chile
  • OFFR-CHILE Life is Good in Chile
  • OFFS-CHILE Life is Good in Chile

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