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Horn Lectureship

Kathy Straub, Ph.D.Kathy Straub, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


This year’s recipient of the Horn Lectureship earned her Ph.D. from Colorado State University at Fort Collins and joined the Susquehanna University faculty in 2002. An atmospheric scientist, her field of research focuses on intraseasonal variability of the tropical atmosphere, particularly the initiation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. She has been well published in leading journals such as the Journal of Climate, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and others. Her work is supported through National Science Foundation grants.

Straub teaches Weather and Climate, Introduction to Meteorology, Tropical Climate and Climate and Global Change. She is very involved in many sustainability initiatives on campus including an environmental audit, greenhouse gas inventory and she was instrumental in developing the Sustainability Committee. A nominator noted “More than anything, I think her leadership on sustainability and environmental issues on campus has transformed [campus] thinking. Commitments to LEED certified buildings, recycling programs, the Sustainability House, and conversion to cleaner energy sources are just some of the ways that the campus has been changed by her leadership...”

Teaching Award

Maria Munoz, Ph.D.Maria Munoz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History

This year’s recipient earned her Ph.D. in Latin American History with a minor in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona. She came to Susquehanna University in 2009. Her research and teaching interests include social movements, race, ethnicity, identity construction and nation-state building all in the context of Latin America.

Munoz is the author of a number of articles, has co-edited the volume, Men of the People: The Presidencies of Lazaro Cardenas and Luis Echeverria and is working on a book manuscript.She has also been a leader for the GO New Orleans trip and will be accompanying students to Sevilla, Spain, this summer.

According to her nominators, “her classroom is an exciting place where students are ready to discuss difficult ideas and put their own stamp on those ideas.” She knows how to captivate students and to connect them with the larger community through exhibitions like the annual Dia de Muertos display in the library or the Latin American Treasure hunt competition organized with colleagues across several universities. As her student says: “she encourages me outside the classroom to strive for success. She is a wonderful scholar, role model, and mentor.”

Distinguished Academic Advising Awards

Kate Hastings, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communications

Kate Hastings, Ph.D.Hastings received her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University and has been at Susquehanna University since 1992. She teaches in areas of journalism, speech communication, mass communication and film. As the sixth generation of her family to work in journalism, she was a photographer, reporter and editor for seven years before earning her graduate degrees.

A nominator said that she and the second award winner, “epitomize conscientious advising: they care about and are very available to their students, they help them develop their sense of academic/professional direction, and are knowledgeable about requirements and how university procedures work.” She is not only an advising 60 students but she also advises the student newspaper, The Crusader. She is coordinator of the Film Studies minor and serves as faculty marshal.


ML Klotz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

ML Klotz, Ph.D.Klotz earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and began her time at Susquehanna University in 1990. She teaches Social Psychology, Environmental Psychology and Personality as well as others. A nominator says that she and the dual award winner “organized the orientation and training sessions for new academic advisors.” In addition, “They were key members of the most recent taskforce…” and “several of its key initiatives, including the creation of the advising site on mySU, which centralizes information and resources for students and faculty, as well as creating and implementing the advising survey, which now provides important assessment information designed to improve the quality of advising across campus.”

She not only advises 47 students but she is also faculty advisor for the Psychology Club and is a co-leader Focus Australia and GO New Zealand programs. Her research interests are in interpersonal communication, particularly complaining and interpersonal relationships. She is currently working with student on research investigating use of social networking sites such as Facebook and has presented with student co-authors at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association.

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