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GO Office Assistants

Office assistants are current SU students who have already fulfilled their GO requirement and who have agreed to serve as advisers for prospective study away students. They are an invaluable resource to students—providing insight into study abroad by sharing their experience and suggestions, and answering any questions that students may have regarding program selection, application, or anything else study-away related! They also have administrative duties and individual projects, as well as serve as mentors to the GO Ambassadors.

Student assistants other than office assistants include university assistants. They advise students as well as assist with administrative tasks and work on special projects, such as video interviews, photo contests, and newsletters.

Office assistants and student assistants offer a student perspective on study away by holding open office hours for advising at the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs in Hassinger Hall, conducting information sessions, and attending other events throughout the semester.

Meet our GO assistants and student assistants for spring 2015! 

 Carolyn Browne

Carolyn Browne is a senior radio broadcasting major. She studied at Regent's University in London, England, in the fall of 2013. She is involved in Alpha Phi Omega and WQSU on campus.


Courtney Radel is a sophomore creative writing major with minors in both philosophy and publishing and editing. She is a University Assistant and spent three weeks staying with a host family in Bremerhaven, Germany the summer of 2012. At Susquehanna, she is the public relations chair of FUSE, associate editor of Flagship, and a member of boxing club.


Allison BrownAllison Brown is a senior English major with minors in French and publishing and editing. In summer of 2013 she spent six weeks studying in Aix-en-Provence, France, and, as a result of this experience, was inspired to go on a second study abroad trip for a whole semester in Nicosia, Cyprus. She spent her semester abroad trying to learn Greek, drinking gallons of Cypriot coffee, and traveling around Europe. At Susquehanna, she is the managing editor of Transformations and a member of Kappa Delta.


Raylyn InmanRaylyn Inman is a senior biology major. Here on campus, she is a member of Alphi Phi Omega, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, the cheerleading team and the women’s rugby team. For her GO experience, she participated in SU CASA, a two-week service program to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. While there, she worked in medical clinics providing medicines, vitamins and minimal care to some of the people free of charge. She also stayed in an orphanage, where she got to play with the children and teach them in vacation bible school. Overall, it was an amazing experience!


Jasmine Jones is an international studies major and a women's studies minor. During the spring 2014 semester, she studied at la Universidad de Sevilla in the beautiful city of Sevilla, Spain. Jones not only works as a peer adviser on campus but also works at the Women's Resource Center in the Scholar's House. She is also involved in AMA and WomenSpeak.


Natalie LaktioukhinaNatalie Laktioukhina is a first-year Journalism major. She has traveled to many cities across Europe: Florence, Bologna and Siena in Italy; Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Cordoba in Spain; and Paris, France, visiting as many museums as she could. At Susquehanna she is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.


Morgan LewisMorgan Lewis is a senior international studies and Spanish majors from Newtown, Pa. In the fall of 2013, she studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, through CCCS/ Spanish Studies Abroad. On the weekdays, she studied in the Centre for Norteamericanos and Universidad de Sevilla with all classes in Spanish focusing on Spanish language skills and Spanish culture. On the weekends, she traveled to many countries and cities in Europe and Africa seeing as much of the world as possible. At Susquehanna, she is a member of the SU Softball team, SAAC, SUFACT and many other organizations on campus.


Regan MulrooneyRegan Mulrooney is a Junior Theater Production and Communications double major. She is a university assistant. In the fall of 2014 she studied at St.Charles University through CIEE in Prague. At Susquehanna she is an assistant costumer and technician in the SU theater department, a member of Alpha Psi Omega, and the president of Zeta Tau Alpha.


MaryKate Wust

MaryKate Wust is a senior English major with a minor in philosophy from Norristown, Pa. During the spring semester of 2014, she braved the rain and left for Scotland to study at the University of Stirling. Aside from serving as a GO office assistant, she also works as an English assistant and as a consultant for the Writing Center. On campus, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and is the president of the SU Democrats.



Advice and words of wisdom from our current and past peer advisers!


"Sarah JohnsonDuring my time here at Susquehanna, I had two opportunities to travel abroad. My sophomore year, I traveled to the Philippines through the PLUS Program here as a GO Short Program. It was a service-learning trip that changed my life forever. The people I met will always be a part of who I am.

In the fall of my junior year I traveled to Valencia, Spain, for a semester. I immediately fell in love with the city, culture, food and language of the city, and it soon became my second home. The relationships you make with people who go abroad with you will be the strongest relationships you will ever have in life.

Both experiences abroad were highlights of my college career, and they make me a part of who I am. I am thankful I had these opportunities because now I can truly say that I've found myself, and I know for a fact I will want to travel for the rest of my life.

What surprised me most about my experience was the fact that I became fluent in Spanish. I really didn't think I would, but because I was speaking it every hour of every day to my family, friends and in class, I was learning a lot more than I thought I was

My favorite part of studying abroad was learning about who I was and realizing that I was a lot more independent than I thought. Being abroad opens your eyes to new cultures and experiences that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It will change your life forever."

- Sarah Johnson '12


"Going on the HRT trip, and getting the chance to combine travel and service work, was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. The trip has made me much more aware of natural disasters and recovery efforts, particularly here in the United States.

The semester I spent in Paris completely changed my life and who am I as a person. Besides traveling, meeting new people and improving my French language skills, my study abroad experience helped me grow as a person, gain an international perspective and has even influenced what I want to do after I graduate. Being able to study and live in a foreign country for a whole semester was a once in a lifetime experience!"

- Regina Koyfman '12


"My favorite part of studying abroad was being able to experience something completely new every day. I spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the area around my campus. I made a point to go somewhere new every weekend, whether it meant Dana Diehltaking a train south into England, going to a new town or trying a Scottish dish. I didn't have class on Friday, so I would usually look at the map and pick a random small town to travel to for the afternoon. I loved the feeling of discovery.

What surprised me most about my experience was how much confidence I gained over just a few months. I had never taken public transport alone, but by June, I was taking a solo trip (which involved a bus, a six-hour train ride, and navigating the London underground) to southern England by myself. Learning how to take care of myself abroad and knowing that I could function in an unfamiliar country gave me this feeling that I could do anything."

- Dana Diehl '12


"I took my GO experience to Gold Coast, Australia, at Griffith University. Griffith is located three miles from the beach and is surrounded by some incredible cities and suburbs such as the city of Brisbane, Sufers Paradise and Coolangatta (Cooli). When deciding on my GO Program, I evaluated my values and interests and connected it with the best program. As a biology major, Australia offers some explicit sites in the biology fields such as the Great Barrier Reef, various rain forests such as Cape Tribulation, and beautiful beaches that provide great surfing! Living in the Gold Coast for almost half a year, I became part of the community and learned many of their customs. My departure ended in emotional goodbyes with my Aussie friends that are still and will always be some of my best friends. I still stay in touch with them and plan to make trips back in order to remember my amazing experience and see my old friends."

- Andrew Torok '12



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