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SU in Japan: Senshu University

JapanSusquehanna University maintains an exchange agreement with Senshu University, located in Tokyo, Japan. Each fall, SU students have the opportunity to spend the semester at this English-speaking univeristy with their BCL (Business, Culture, and Language) Program.  


The Senshu University BCL program curriculum includes three classes:

  • Survey of Japanese Business
  • Survey of Japanese Culture and History
  • Japanese

Courses are conducted in English, and the Japanese language program is intensive but does not require past language study.  A GPA of 3.0 is preferred.  


On campus, students will live in a university dormitory called "Kokusai Kenshu-kan."  A meal plan is not included, but access to a common kitchen equipped with all necessities is provided.


Students will have the opportunity to visit Japanese businesses, take field trips to historical sites and participate in cultural activities. They will even have the opportunity to take part in a three-day homestay.

For more information, visit Senshu University's BCL website.


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