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Spanish Language & Culture

Students spend three and half weeks in an intensive Spanish language environment, staying with host families and learning about the life and culture in Seville, Spain. Students with a 3.0 or higher in Susquehanna University Spanish courses may complete the course requirement for Spanish 201 at the Center for Cross Cultural Studies in Seville. More advanced students, including Spanish minors, may take 300-level courses. Spanish Language and CultureStudents are immersed in all areas of culture during this program, including observing flamenco and eating Spanish cuisine. They also explore various religious and historical sites like the Cathedral and the Alcazar, and participate in two excursions to Cordoba and Palos de la Frontera. They will document their experiences in both a written and photo journal, which will be utilized in the reflection course.

Locations: Spain—Seville

Dates: Summer 2015

Prerequisite: Students must have studied through SPAN-104 and must have a G.P.A. in Spanish of at least 3.0.

Academic credit: This program, accompanying preparation sessions and reflection course satisfy the two-credit GO requirement. Students will also take SPAN-201 (a passing grade will earn four additional credits).

Majors of interest: Open to all majors who have taken Spanish though 104, primarily for SPAN-201 students

Application: Students apply online through the “apps” section on mySU.

Financial aid: Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.

Program Director: Maria Munoz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History.

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