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Meet the 2013 Stein Fellows


Bilyana PanayotovaBilyana Panayotova '14 | Madrid, Spain

"I first looked into the Stein Scholarship because I loved being in London with the Weis School London Program and wanted to continue traveling and living abroad. I was born in Bulgaria and have always loved Europe. I decided to go to Spain because I have a Spanish minor and wanted to continue to improve my Spanish skills while doing the best I could to immerse myself in the great and colorful Spanish culture.

I wanted to work in a hotel because I have been interested in working in the hospitality industry and since Susquehanna doesn't specifically have a hospitality major, this was the perfect opportunity for me to experience the field. Throughout my internship at Hotel Moderno, I worked in and experienced what it is like to run every department of the hotel—from reception to maintenance to shadowing the revenue department. I loved my work at the hotel, along with my manager and co workers. They were all great, helpful, and supportive, and I would not have nearly had as great of an experience if it had not been for them.

Through this internship, I hoped to gain a better understanding about the hospitality industry as well as Spanish culture and language and to see if I would like to work abroad after graduation. I was extremely excited to meet new people, have new experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I plan on doing my best to make the most of it. I know I will come out of it a better and stronger person, ready to tackle any challenges ahead of me. I am extremely thankful to Susquehanna and the Stein family for this incredible opportunity and know that it will help me in every future endeavor.

I loved Madrid—the tapas, the culture and the people! I worked on trying to see as many museums as possible. I enjoyed being here and it was definitely hard to leave."


Jordan MillerJordan Miller '14 | Prague, Czech Republic

"This summer I had an internship in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. I worked as a marketing research and project assistant with ADWISE, a consulting company. They serve clients in such industries as manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, and financial services. Their areas of expertise include data analysis, software development, and management consulting. ADWISE helps clients improve management practices by clearly defining company functions and the roles of personnel. They also enable client processes to become more efficient and cost-effective by eliminating redundancies and restructuring production flow.

My first task was to conduct preliminary research within select industries on members of the German Chamber of Commerce in Prague. I learned that there are multiple German chambers of commerce, located anywhere in the world that German companies have a significant interest, including Argentina, for example. My intermediate-level fluency in German was a major point of attraction to ADWISE. ADWISE also requires employees to take additional German lessons.

The Stein family has my gratitude for enabling this internship and experience in Prague. Their support determined the difference for me between interning in my neighborhood and the assuredly memorable opportunity of doing so abroad. For many of us, the Stein Fund affords the realization of a dream to live and work a world away. I warmly thank the Stein family for their meaningful generosity to us. Prague's appeal required better acquaintance after I saw it for the first time only five months ago during the Weis School London Program. How pleasantly surprised and fortunate I was to be twice abroad within a month! The pleasure is quite surreal.

Prague is a beautiful city with numerous cultural offerings that enhance my internship experience. I found the Museum of Communism particularly interesting. It featured Cold War propaganda and live footage of protests and police brutality in Wenceslas Square during the Velvet Revolution. Prague boasts many parks and forests. Near my apartment was a lovely forest with long paths where people frequently jog, bike, and take children and dogs for walks.

Prague is a historic city with wonderful architecture and a vibrant nightlife with numerous clubs. Getting around the city was relatively easy with the buses, trams, and metro. Overall, it was a very agreeable city and even more appealing because the dollar is twenty times stronger than the local currency. Nás hledanou!"


Hillary MooreHillary Moore '14 | Prague, Czech Republic

"I had been in London for the Weis School London Program and had a great experience, but it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I wanted an opportunity to go back. The Stein Scholarship provided me with this opportunity. I have had previous internships in the U.S., but an experience to work internationally was one that I couldn’t pass up. I believe that trying different experiences that may be out of your comfort zone is exactly what a person needs to grow. I wanted to test my limits and decided to take an internship in Prague.

I worked for a company called Contract Administration. I was placed with this company through a relationship with another company that I had made when in Prague during the London Program. I am a business major with a Human Resource Management emphasis, making Contract Administration the perfect because the company has a similar focus. While at the company I performed a job analysis of the company and set an HR foundation that did not previously exist by creating job descriptions for each position, developing a competency model and performed several other tasks to aid the company with their HR developments.

I believe that travel and experience make a person richer. I hope to gain an understanding of another culture's perspective on the business world. I believe that I can influence the company as much as the company can influence me, which makes this experience so unique. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and to grow and bring back my knowledge to the Susquehanna community.

My experience in Prague has been incredible. It is impossible to put it all into words. I worked with 10 wonderful ladies at Contract Administration that all have a strong vision for the future. I have seen all the best views of Prague from the highest point at the Petrin to the lowest paddle boating along the Vltava River. Even just walking to work I saw beautiful architecture everywhere I turned. Every single day was an adventure here. I am so thankful for the experience."


Dayna KazilionisDayna Kazilionis '14 | Galway Ireland

I have always had a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures. When I initially considered studying abroad I found that my course load was too heavy to manage spending an entire semester in another country. The Stein Fellowship provided me with another route so I could pursue my dreams of immersing myself in a different country with the financial support of the Stein family.

I worked at Bradán Consulting, an accounting and consulting firm in Galway, Ireland. My main responsibilities included process mapping and documentation for their client engagement and accounting processes, the maintenance of their website and social media tools, and conducting a research project on the not-for-profits in Galway and Dublin that would eventually serve as the basis for the company’s expansion into that sector. I was also involved in some of the direct marketing to new clients targeted by the research I conducted on the non-profit sector.

Ireland is part of the Eurozone, which makes it a well-connected country where I could learn more about interactions within Europe. I wanted to work in Ireland specifically because there isn’t a language barrier that might hinder my interactions at work—making it possible for me to make the most of this internship experience. It is also home to a very vibrant and open culture which was another factor I considered when deciding to come here.

This internship provided me with experience in international business relations as well as a broad overview of multiple business processes. Because Bradán is a consulting and accounting firm, it touches on nearly every aspect of business—from financial management to marketing strategy, providing me with valuable experience in many different areas.

I believe that this opportunity makes me a more marketable prospect for future employers because it provided me with a summer of experience in a business environment but it also showed that I am able to adapt and learn in situations I’m not familiar with. Living on my own in Ireland with a full-time position has undoubtedly prepared me to handle whatever opportunities come my way in the future.


Lukas BilekLukas Bilek '14 | Berlin, Germany

I am very passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. The idea of doing so with the help of the Stein Program was something I couldn’t pass on. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and my dream has always been to experience a German culture, not as a tourist, but as a resident. I was very fortunate to be selected for the program and had the opportunity to live in Berlin for two months to intern with a German business.

I interned with Future Ready Partners, a financial consulting company that provides their clients with business intelligence, financial research, analytics and market research services. It is a globally oriented company with clients from the United States, Europe and Asia. The client base includes private equity firms, asset managers, strategy consultants and corporate executives. This company was a perfect fit for me because I was looking for an internship in the financial field.

I was hired to support for a big project of providing consultancy services to an Italian bank that was seeking to expand into the private equity (PE) business. Our firm helped with the marketing materials and fund collection to start the PE arm. My main task was screening active investors in the PE field and matching them with the Italian bank strategy characteristics. Throughout my work, I had the opportunity to gain a great deal of knowledge about private equity funding that will definitely give me an advantage when starting my career.

I am very thankful to the Stein Program for the opportunity because I not only had an awesome work experience but also a great deal of fun exploring the German culture.


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