Student Profiles

Student Profiles


Adam Bourgault

Hi! My name is Adam Bourgault. I am a communications major, with an emphasis in digital journalism. Academically, I'm interested in the field of online media. I am pursuing an Asian studies minor due to my long-held interest in ancient Chinese and Japanese culture. In my spare time on campus, I am involved with the Ultimate Frisbee team, Harmonic Combustion (Susquehanna's acapella group), Lens Flare, Improv Club, Slam Poetry Club, and the Student Activity Committee!


Michelle Ynonne Delgado

Hello my name is Michelle Yvonne Delgado. I am currently a sophomore at Susquehanna University, with a major in international studies focusing on diplomacy, and a minor in Asian studies. I have always had an interest in Asian culture and history. While in high school I was an exchange student to Japan for 10 days, which sparked my interest in studying Asia, and therefore my Asian studies minor. I took Japanese for a year and a half through Susquehanna’s exchange program with Bucknell University. This has helped me prepare for my study-away program to Japan next fall. I have also taken many Asian history courses, which have strengthened my knowledge in the area.

By being an Asian studies minor, I’ve had the great opportunity of meeting the Asian exchange students, and becoming a conversation partner to them. As an English conservation partner I have helped the students master the English language. My ability to speak some Japanese helps when the students have difficulty interpreting some English words, and I can translate for them. I have also benefited from being a conversation partner because I have learned so much about the Japanese culture that I would never have learned in a textbook. I have been fortunate to form great friendships with these students, which will be a great asset to me when I travel to Japan. When I study abroad in Japan next fall, I hope to visit many of them. Through this minor, I have had the opportunity to participate in many events on campus. We have an Asian film festival, as well as gatherings where we make dumplings and other fun foods from China.

With my major in international studies and with an Asian Studies minor, I would like to work with the U.S. government agencies related to Asia (such as our embassy in Japan). Another area I would be interested in joining is the JET program which would enable me to teach English in Japan.

On a personal note, I am an avid swimmer. I have been swimming competitively for ten years and am a member of the Susquehanna University Swim Team. I once competed in an international open water 6.5 km race in Istanbul, Turkey, in which I swam across the Bosphorus Strait. That experience, along with winning the Landmark Conference Championships for Susquehanna, have been the highlights of my swimming career. I am a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and Alpha Lambda Delta, an academic honor society. I have been on the Dean’s list, and also work as a lifeguard in the summer and during school breaks.

Shannon Monaghan

Shannon Monaghan is a senior communications major with minors in religion and Asian studies. She enjoys exploring Asian culture through a religious lens, and plans on exploring the relationship between Confucianism and Christianity in her last semester. She is just beginning to delve into the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, whom she is coming to greatly admire, particularly for his views on mindfulness and suffering. Following graduation, she hopes to enter the non-profit sector and use her skills in writing and speaking to open up dialogues about culture and religion within communities. Shannon completed her GO trip in the Philippines in May 2013, and absolutely fell in love with the country and its people. She hopes to go back someday in the not too distant future.

Shannon is the president of Catholic Campus Ministry, and has played in the university's handbell choir for the past 2 years. She is also the head tour guide in the admissions office and serves as the Admissions liason for the Student Government Association.


Kristina ShermanKristina Sherman

Kristina Sherman is a history and political science double major in the class of 2014. Growing up as a Filipino-American influenced her decision to focus on Asian studies. She is currently researching two topics for her senior theses: the effects of New York Times representation on Vietnam War refugees in relation to the Born to Kill gang and the need for improved counterterrorism efforts in the Philippines against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and other active terrorist groups in the Mindanao region.

Kristina has also worked for the Susquehanna University Center for Diversity and Social Justice and International Student Services as a peer mentor for Chinese, Japanese, and other students of various nationalities and will be involved in the Spring 2014 English language program for international students.





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