Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Tyler HaussenerTyler Haussener ’14

Lock Haven, Pa. | Central Mountain High School

Majors: Physics and Mathematics

Clubs/activities: Alpha Lambda Delta, Math Club, Pink Physics Club, Men’s Tennis

Post-graduation plans: Attending graduate school for physics or engineering.

Meaningful connection with faculty member: Throughout my first few semesters at Susquehanna I have been able to interact with nearly every physics and mathematics faculty member. Every time I had a question they have always gone above and beyond expectations to be sure I know what I am doing. They are always available and excited to help every student do well and be sure they are learning the material.

Biggest academic challenge:
The biggest challenge for me thus far would have had to been my American history class. I struggled to retain all the facts and information for the quizzes and exams. We also had to read and analyze articles from the time period the lectures. Analyzing the material was something I had a lot of trouble with and spent hours trying to understand. Both the professor and fellow classmates came through to help me. I ended up learning more than I could have ever had expected to learn, and now realize the struggle was worth it in the end.

Why I chose to study physics: I have always enjoyed both mathematics and the sciences. When you study physics you get a combination of both. This allows you to be able to learn and understand the world around you, which is very gratifying when you can describe why something behaves the way it does.

Allison Sample ’14

Windham, Maine | Windham High School

Majors: Physics, Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

Clubs/activities:  Honors Program, Lacrosse, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

Post-graduation plans: Graduate School

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Last year I had Professor Richard "Koz" Kozlowski and I connected with him very quickly. Classes with him were always very laid back and sometimes a little chaotic but there was never a dull moment! He would stay after class for as long as needed to help us and he was always able to present the material in a way that allowed us to discover things for ourselves instead of just being told the answers. I was devastated this summer to hear of his passing and I frequently find myself wishing that he was still around to offer an encouraging word when I find myself struggling on physics problems.

Most exciting thing about studying physics at Susquehanna:
I love that the physics department is very close and being a small department people are always around and willing to help you out. I also find that we have many opportunities here and that the faculty work very hard to make sure that we are all able to pursue internships and that we will be met with success. The faculty is very encouraging and wants to see us all find out what interests us most in the field.

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