Student Profiles

Student Profiles

AJ Dean

Adrian "AJ" Dean II '15

Harrisburg, Pa. | Susquehanna Township High School
Major: Philosophy

Clubs/activities: Men’s Basketball, writer for The Crusader, SU SAVE (Student Awareness for the Value of the Environment), Black Student Union, Pre-Law Society

Post-graduation plans: Attend law school and establish a career as a lawyer

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
My adviser and philosophy professor, Dr. Zoller. Not only was she the first professor I met at SU, but she also helped to ensure that my transition to Susquehanna University went smoothly. While remaining extremely supportive, Dr. Zoller always challenges me to grow as a student and human being. I took Everyday Ethics with her, and I feel like I learned a lot in the class that would help me better myself and live better.

Internship experience:
This past summer, I participated in an internship with Federal Magistrate Judge Martin Carlson of the Middle District of Pa. I was able to learn about courtroom procedures and the duties of magistrate judges. Furthermore, I was able to watch live trials and hearings up close and speak with the attorneys directly involved with the cases. This was a great experience because it exposed me to the legal profession in a completely new perspective. I enjoyed this experience and am even more motivated to attend law school as a result of it.

Kahlia Roberts

Kahlia Roberts '15

Holbrook, Pa. | West Greene High School
Majors: Psychology, Philosophy

Club/activities: Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Psi Chi

Favorite class:
My favorite class thus far has been Justice (a philosophy course examining different systems and definitions of justice). This class validated every philosophical concern I had about the world and introduced me to new ones. It was here that I first read works by my favorite philosopher, John Rawls. The content of this class helped me shape my convictions concerning what I will do with the rest of my life and the type of person I want to be.

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I would credit Dr. Lissa Skitolsky of the philosophy department as being the greatest influence on me—not only in academics, but in my personal life as well. I have taken four classes with Dr. Skitolsky, and find in each one that my opinions and concerns always have weight and are always something that Dr. Skitolsky wants to hear. Dr. Skitolsky has also even has said to me that my work in her classes has sometimes influenced her own thoughts on the topic. I feel that I am not only profoundly influenced by her, but that I also participate in an open dialogue with her, which fosters my growth as a student and a human being. Many of the convictions I hold, I have the courage to hold because of her examples.  She has challenged me to stand up for myself and what I think.

My GO experience:
I participated in a GO Short program this summer, which was amazingly eye-opening. I was part of the pilot group to do GO North, during which we spent two weeks in a Cree community in Ontario. The trip was short, but the experience of getting out and experiencing other parts of the world is enough to shake your convictions about your own life. I really feel that there is no other experience like the one I had. We were able to engage with individuals who gave us a concrete insight into different ways of life, and into ongoing problems that other people experience. We were in a position when we left to advocate for marginalized groups based on an intimate knowledge of the issues facing them. I really feel that the trip has fundamentally changed how I look at other people in other parts of the world, and how I conduct myself in a pro-social manner.

Kirstin Waldkoenig

Kirstin Waldkoenig '14

Gettysburg, Pa. | Gettysburg Area High School
Majors: Philosophy / Creative Writing

Clubs/activities: Honors Program, University Choir, University Orchestra, poetry editor for RiverCraft magazine, nonfiction editor for Susquehanna Review magazine, Senior Bridge, SU SAVE (Student Awareness for the Value of the Environment)

Post-graduation plans: Apply for Fulbright Grant to teach or M.F.A. in poetry; Ph.D. in philosophy

Favorite class:
My favorite class has been 19th & 20th Century Philosophy with Dr. Skitolsky. Part of the appeal was that I have a significant connection with Dr. Skitolsky, and she inspires me with her passion for philosophy. I was really able to see how she lives what she teaches, making the class meaningful. Not only did we study philosophers and ideas that I’m particularly interested in as a scholar (including Nietzsche, Sartre, Freud, and Foucault), but there were also only six students enrolled. This made for an intense and intimate environment where we could really delve into the ideas of these important and provocative philosophers, and also discuss them honestly and passionately. I find that very small classes are always incredibly rewarding, and I find this important and exciting in the exploration of philosophical texts—something Susquehanna is often able to offer because of its size!

My GO experience:
I went on the SU CASA trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, an experience which informs many of my interests in ethics and social philosophy. Marx has been especially influential in these countries, and being there gave me a new context to consider his ideas and their implications. I also lived in Berlin, Germany, for the fall 2012 semester, where I studied Central European art in conjunction with the philosophers I knew from my 19th & 20th Century Philosophy class. Berlin has undergone an incredible amount of identity change due to its (often difficult) history, and I discovered that my training in philosophy provided me the tools with which I could explore the meaning of Berlin's eclectic personality. I really saw the congruity of the city's history with the ideas of Germany's most famous thinkers.

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