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Photo of Maria LO. Munoz

Maria LO. Munoz
Assistant Professor of History
Go Program: Spanish Language & Culture

Phone: 570-372-4734
Email: munozm@susqu.edu
Office Location: Steele Hall - Rm 311

Academic Credentials:
PHD, Univ of Arizona
MA, Univ of Nebraska Lincoln
BA, Univ of La Verne

Muñoz holds a Winifred and Gustave Weber Fellowship in Humanities.

Muñoz completed her doctoral degree at the University of Arizona in Latin American History with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Her dissertation was entitled, "We Speak for Ourselves": The First National Congress of Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Indigenismo in Mexico, 1968-1982." She also co-edited the volume, Men of the People: The Presidencies of Lazaro Cardenas and Luis Echeverria, (University of Arizona Press, 2010). She just finished a chapter titled "De Pie y en Lucha! Indigenous Mobilizations After 1940" for an edited volume as well as a contributor on the encyclopedia project, Native Peoples of the World. Currently she is working on her book manuscript.

Muñoz's research interests include social movements, race, ethnicity, identity construction and nation-state building. She teaches Latin America (colonial and modern surveys), Mexico Since Independence, Race and Nation in Modern Latin America, and Latin American Revolutions, among others.


  • HIST-180 Latin America, 1492 - 1825
  • HIST-181 Latin American History, 1825 - Present
  • HIST-390 Latin American Revolutions
  • HIST-390 Violence, Terror, and Race
  • HIST-410 Seminar in History
  • HIST-420 Internship in History
  • HIST-501 Independent Study
  • HONS-200 Thought and Civilization
  • HONS-290 Sophomore Essay
  • HONS-301 Latin American Revolutions
  • HONS-301 Violence, Terror, and Race
  • OFFP-SPANL&C Spanish Language & Culture
  • OFFR-HRTNOLA Hurricane Relief Team
  • OFFR-SPANL&C Spanish Language & Culture
  • OFFS-SPANL&C Spanish Language & Culture

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