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The psychology major at Susquehanna provides many options. With the assistance of a faculty mentor, you will be able to pick an informal focus—a path—to follow. This path will provide a systematic, logical direction for your studies with an eye toward your ultimate career goal.

You might also wish to pursue a minor, such as business or health care studies, to gain additional skills.

Our students typically emphasize coursework and applied experiences that allow them to gain proficiency in one of three major areas: 

Mental Health – careers in psychotherapy, clinical social work, forensics and health care are common professional destinations for students with this focus

Education – fields leading to support staff roles in the schools such as school psychology, guidance counseling and school social work

Research – professions specializing in conducting scientific study of psychological questions for academic fields, business consulting and government work

A psychology degree has other applications as well: 

  • In the business world, including human resources, management, marketing and consultation   
  • In the medical health professions, such as physical and occupational therapy and nursing

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