Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors

Psychology Faculty Mentor Assisting StudentAt Susquehanna, you’ll get to know your professors and they’ll get to know you. Is this really important?


How else could you engage professors in meaningful conversations about their research and scholarship? Or get firsthand information about careers in the field? Professors are also available to offer advice and strategies about graduate school, and write personalized letters of recommendation.

Every psych major chooses an informal focus—a path to follow—under the guidance of a faculty mentor. But you’ll also be encouraged to seek out other faculty members who may share a similar interest with you. Most faculty mentors say they maintain connections with their students for many years after graduation.

With two clinical psychologists on the faculty at Susquehanna, students receive expert supervision as they pursue unique internships, called practicums, in the local area during the academic year. These faculty members also serve as mentors with an inside track on career development opportunities, graduate school programs and professional skills needed in the workplace.

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