Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a psychology degree?

Many things!

Psych majors typically select course work and experiences that help them gain proficiency in one of three areas:

  • Mental health  for careers in psychotherapy, clinical social work, forensics and health care.
  • Education  leading to careers in the fields of school psychology, guidance counseling, school social work and college teaching.
  • Research  for careers in the scientific study of psychological questions for academic fields, business consulting and government work.

A psychology degree has other applications as well: 

  • in the business world, including human resources, management, marketing and consultation
  • in the medical health professions, such as physical and occupational therapy, and nursing.

At Susquehanna, many students create a dual major with psychology and another discipline, or choose psychology as a minor to complement another area of interest.

Why is research important?

Psychology is a science, and as such, is based on research. No matter what path you follow in the field of psychology, you will need to know how to sort out good information from bad. Research skills are also needed in any profession as you create professional and technical documents, conduct library searches, evaluate programs outcomes and engage in quality control.

If I know where I want to go to graduate school, shouldn’t I enroll in their undergraduate program?

Not necessarily, for several reasons:

  • Schools with graduate programs often do not admit their own undergraduate students. They prefer you gain your undergraduate experience elsewhere.
  • At schools like those, graduate teaching assistants often teach undergraduate classes instead of full-time professors, especially foundation courses.
  • Faculty often pay more attention to their graduate students than to the undergraduates. They do more research with grad students and help them more with career development.

Do I need a doctorate to work in the field of psychology?

Probably not. The doctorate degree is mainly for people who want to teach in a university, do grant-funded research, or specialize in a very specific area of psychology. Although many Susquehanna students have gained admission to national-level doctoral programs, the large majority of careers in psychology require a bachelor’s or master’s degree instead.

Can I complete my program in four years?

Yes. The four-year graduation rate of psychology majors at Susquehanna is 97.7%. And during those four years, you’ll have unique opportunities that will help you succeed in the years ahead.

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