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Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

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Spectacles: an undergraduate history journal

An annual review of our majors' original research:

Volume 1 (2006)
Volume 2 (2007)
Volume 3 (2008)
Volume 4 (2009)
Volume 5 (2010)
Volume 6 (2011)
Volume 7 (2012)


Clubs and organizations

Among the more than 100 clubs and organizations available to Susquehanna students, history majors find particular interest in a number of specific groups:

History Club – Dedicated to historical inquiry and to instilling in other students a love for history. Each year a fieldtrip is planned to one of the many historically rich locations near Susquehanna’s campus.

French Club – Promotes French culture on campus through various activities, fundraisers and cultural events.

German Club – Facilitates weekly language gatherings on campus and coordinates trips to East Coast cities.

Pre-Law Society – Educates students about the law school process and various legal career options.


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