Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Adulfulyne PadmoreAdulfulyne Padmore '16

East Orange, N.J.

Major: Music Education

Clubs/activities: Stadium Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Combo, University Orchestra

Post-graduation plans: Attend Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts for a master's degree in music education and music performance while teaching

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I've made a connection with my private flute teacher, Professor Cullen. From when I first met her, we just clicked instantly, and we think of our lessons together are special. I love her so much; I truly mean that. Professor Cullen will always be more than just a teacher to me as I know I am more than just another student to her. She has shown me that the faculty here do a great job making you feel essential to the ensemble.

Most exciting thing about studying music at Susquehanna:
To me personally, there is no greater honor given to a musician than performing. So far I have performed with the University Symphonic Band for the fall concert, the University Orchestra for the masterworks concert, the Jazz Combo, and in forum for my solo works. I can't say which one is more beneficial because they are all extremely demanding in time, dedication, and effort. But they are all highly enjoyable.

Performing on the collegiate level is definitely more intense than I thought. Even though you are in an ensemble, you are still exposed. I pay so much more attention to detail and quality than I ever have.

Ryan WoodwardRyan Woodward '14

Harleysville, Pa.

Major: Music Performance

Minor: Music Technology

Clubs/activities: Band, Orchestra, Collaborative Piano, Chamber Music

Post-graduation plans: Attend grad school for computer music composition/ performance

Most exciting thing about studying music at Susquehanna:
The most exciting thing about studying music at SU is the ability to diversify. Often you go to college and are forced to choose one path and stick to it whether you are sure or not. Here, I am able to study multiple instruments, and other subjects like computer music or composition, all at the same time. This helped me find what I want to do in the future and let me become a more diversified musician.

Biggest academic challenge:
The biggest academic challenge for me has been managing time during finals time when I've had multiple papers, exams and juries that needed to get done in one week. I've learned very well how to manage my time and how to deal with having a very large amount of work due in a short amount of time, because of good time management, I've been in every orchestra and band concert since I've gotten here as well as studio recitals. I've also performed a half recital. I've been hired to play for the Williamsport Youth Symphony multiple times, and I've played in various churches in the area, including performing Mozart's requiem mass in Williamsport.

Melissa LeeMelissa Lee '14

Bethlehem, Pa.

Majors: Music Performance, Accounting

Clubs/activities: Sigma Alpha Iota professional music fraternity, Orchestra, Chamber Music, Handbell Choir, Accounting Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Post-graduation plans: Attend graduate school for a master's degree in music performance and piano pedagogy

Favorite Class:
I really enjoyed Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras, in which we studied music of the periods that most interest me. Dr. Krieger taught us how to use critical-thinking skills to analyze the effects that social, religious, and nationalistic factors have had on performance traditions and practices. We also examined the role that composers have played in society. Through writing essays, researching, and peer editing, I learned how to make meaningful historical connections and articulate my thoughts in evaluating the aesthetic qualities of music.

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Dr. Niskala is an excellent professor both in the classroom and in private lessons. She's very thorough, yet concise in covering concepts. She's great at explaining and breaking down complicated ideas with relevant metaphors. She challenges her students to do their best, and as a private studio teacher, she knows how to utilize my strengths to improve my weaknesses and has taught me to really listen to every facet of the music. Being a double major is one big balancing act, trying to devote enough time to my homework, studies, ensembles, extracurriculars and practicing. However, Dr. Niskala is always available to listen to my concerns and to give me advice in my career path.

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