Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Chadd Lee '13

Bloomsburg, Pa.

Major: Biology

Minor: Honors Program

Clubs/activities: Swim Team Captain, Honors Program

Post-graduation plans: Medical School

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Dr. Jan Reichard-Brown has played a large part in my growth at Susquehanna. She was my Perspectives teacher freshman year, my Honors Program mentor sophomore year, and now she is my research advisor and professor in two pre-med classes. She always supports my pursuits and gave me helpful advice as to my future in medicine.

The first thing that attracted me to this program was the large and diverse number of science faculty. The faculty have prepared me to become a well-rounded person and to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Most exciting thing about the prehealth program at Susquehanna:
I had medicine in mind when I was looking at schools and the health care studies minor seemed to not only emphasize the scientific parts of premed coursework but also examines the societal and historic aspects.

Susquehanna’s program has small class sizes and labs. This has been especially valuable to me because when I needed help a professor was always available to help me or guide me in the right direction.

It’s easy to get lost in small details and lose the big picture or main goal of the class. But the biology faculty here do an excellent job ensuring the information you are learning has context. They do not simply throw facts at you, instead they teach you information and how it applies to the real world.

Sheila DeYoungSheila DeYoung '14

Oak Ridge, N.J.

Major: Biology

Minors: Healthcare Studies, Chemistry

Clubs/activities: Alphi Phi Omega, Vice President of Fellowships, Spirit Committee, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta biological honor society, SU Women's Cross Country team, SU Women's Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Team, volunteer at Snyder County Special Olympics

Post-graduation plans: Medical School

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I have been unbelievably fortunate in the fact that I have encountered so many wonderful faculty members at Susquehanna University. To pinpoint only one faculty member would be nearly impossible, but I have met one who has greatly impacted my experience at SU. Dr. Henry was my professor for both Organic Chemistry I and II and I can honestly say that I have never met a faculty member more dedicated to having her students excel to their fullest potential. She has also formed such close, personal ties to her students so that the experience in her classroom is much more rewarding.

Dr. Henry spent countless hours outside of the classroom working with me and my peers, and her passion for Organic Chemistry has even inspired my own love of the subject. It is because of her that I am now a chemistry minor, and I will forever cherish the relationship that she and I have.

How Susquehanna is preparing me for what's next: 
After Susquehanna, I plan to continue on to medical school. I genuinely believe that had I studied at a different university, I would not nearly be as well prepared. Susquehanna University’s commitment to ensuring the experience of the student both in and out of the classroom has monumentally impacted my studies. I am more well rounded with a liberal arts education, have opportunities for hands on experience through research, and enjoy limitless opportunities to immerse myself in the community that is so wonderfully celebrated by Susquehanna students and alumni.

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