Success After Susquehanna

The unique balance of structure and flexibility found in the history major prepares students for a variety of futures and ample opportunities to consider what they will do after graduation.

Many graduates pursue careers directly related to their major in areas such as public history as archivists, museum curators or executives with public agencies focused on history. With the varied skills acquired by studying history, graduates are also well suited for jobs in business, the government, media, public service, the nonprofit sector, the military and elsewhere.

A history alumnus from the class of ’78 recently said that history taught him the skill of looking at an issue from several sides, a perspective necessary for success in the world of business.  He is the chief operating officer of a multimillion-dollar company.

Recent majors have continued their studies at the following:

History Graduate Programs

University of Texas
University of Delaware
Pennsylvania State University
The Catholic University of America
Fordham University

Law School

The Ohio State University
Boston University
The University of New York at Albany
Dickinson College


The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

Course Catalog

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