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Italian 302 Final Project, Fall 2012

View the Italian 302 one act play flier here

Italian 302 promotes students’ functional linguistic abilities through the contextualized study of the main grammatical structures of modern Italian. In the fall of 2012, students were engaged in creative writing and in critical thinking and discussed and composed fictional texts based upon controversial topics and current events in Italy. The course was based on the belief that creative writing constitutes an excellent approach to advance language study.

As a final project, they wrote, organized and performed a one-act play that was staged on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, in Isaacs Auditorium in Seibert Hall. The play was a satire that creatively addressed important issues studied in the course, such as the Camorra and the Mafia in contemporary Italy, political corruption and Italian stereotypes. It was inspired by the theater of the Italian author and Nobel laureate Dario Fo. 

About the students

Alexander Beale is a sophomore with a double major in political Science and Italian. He has been studying Italian for two and a half years. He was drawn to Italian because of his heritage, but also for personal reasons as he believes that Italian is “the most beautiful language in the world.” In the future he seeks to work in the State Department as or for an ambassador to Italy, and to possibly teach Italian in the U.S. or English in Italy.

Mats Haaland is a senior with a double major in history and Italian. He will be the first major to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Italian in 2013. He has been studying Italian for four years because of his passion for Italian history and attended for one semester the Università degli studi in Ferrara, Italy. He is hoping to teach English abroad in Italy.

Gianmarco Pugliese is a senior majoring in communications with a minor in Italian.

Jazmine Salach is a junior with majors in communications (with an emphasis on journalism) and Italian with a minor in creative writing. She has been studying Italian for seven years and spent the spring 2013 semester at the Università per stranieri in Perugia, Italy. She is interested in the Italian language and culture because she seeks to learn more about her Italian roots and heritage. After graduation, she wants to pursue a career in communication by working for Italian businesses and companies or teaching English to Italian students.

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