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Landmark Summer Research Conference

Landmark Summer Research Symposium Poster Presentation Susquehanna University participates in the annual Landmark Conference Summer Research Symposium, which provides a wonderful opportunity for Susquehanna students and faculty to share research projects with counterparts from other Landmark institutions. The university is among eight institutions competing in the athletic conference.

In 2012, four conference schools participated: Goucher College, Juniata College, Moravian College and Susquehanna University. Susquehanna was represented by 16 students from the departments of mathematics and computer science, chemistry, biology, physics, and earth and environmental sciences.

2012 Symposium Attendees

Student: Joseph Antonides '15
Faculty: Toshiro Kubota, Ph.D.
Department: Mathematics and computer science
Research Title: Binocular Disparity as an Explanation for the Moon Illusion

Student: Jacob Brittingham '14
Faculty: Alissa Packer, Ph.D.
Department: Biology
Research Title: Comparing the Effects of Tomato Strains H9992, H9492, H9553 and Beefsteak on the Germination Rates of Cuscuta pentagona

Student: Matthew Beren '14
Faculty: Ahmed Lachab, Ph.D.
Department: Earth and environmental sciences
Poster Title: Middle Creek Water Quality Assessment using Water Quality Index (WQI)

Students: Jessica Ranck '13 and Briley Acker '15
Faculty: Toshiro Kubota, Ph.D.
Department: Mathematics and computer science
Poster Title: Shape Recognition with Isolated Non-Directional Cues: Where and how we group dots within the visual pathway

Student: Herman de Haan '15
Faculty: Toshiro Kubota, Ph.D.
Department: Mathematics and computer science
Poster Title: Shape Recognition with Brightness Contrast

Student: Hannah Kronenwetter '14
Faculty: Renuka Manchanayakage, Ph.D.
Department: Chemistry
Poster Title: Electrochemical Pinacol Coupling of Aromatic Ketones in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

Student: Lindsay Dunkle '13
Faculty: Lou Ann Tom, Ph.D.
Department: Chemistry
Poster Title: Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers for lambda-cyhalothrin, levofloxacin, and dibenzothiophene

Student: Joseph Villari '15
Faculty: Douglas Rutledge
Department: Physics
Research Title: The Expansion of Susquehanna University's Tier 3 Computing Cluster 

Student: Allison K. Sample '14
Faculty: Samya Zain
Department: Physics
Research Title: The Installation of New Worker Nodes in Susquehanna University’s Tier 3 Computing Cluster

Student: Adam Ozer '14
Faculty: Baris Kesgin, Ph.D.
Department: Political Science 
Research Title: Presidents' Conceptual Complexity and Political Context in State of the Union Addresses

Student: Joseph Lafferty '14
Faculty: Swarna Basu, Ph.D.
Department: Chemistry
Research Title: Multiphoton cross-linking and the monomer-photoactivator relationship: An ongoing study using microscopy, fluorescence quenching and molecular docking.

Students: Marc Santiago '13, Katherine Guild '13 and Phoebe Nicholls '13
Faculty: Ahmed Lachab, Ph.D.
Department: Earth and environmental science
Poster Title: Susquehanna River Water Quality using Physical, Chemical and Biological Approaches

Student: Bradleigh Rhodes '14
Faculty: Geneive Henry, Ph.D.
Department: Chemistry
Poster Title: Flavonoids from Hypericum mutilum


Landmark Symposium 2012 Group Shot

2012 Symposium

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