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GO Your Own Way

GO Your Own Way (GYOW) is an option for students wishing to fulfill the cross-cultural requirement in a way not already offered by the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs. This experience needs to be a minimum two-week immersion in a cultural setting different form one's own and can be completed either in a foreign country or within the United States.

In the past, students who have decided to GYOW have participated in cross-cultural service trips, cross-cultural internships, a summer program through an outside vendor, or have taken summer classes in a cross-cultural setting. Students who would like to do this option must submit a proposal in which they address how the program would fulfill the school's cross-cultural requirement and learning goals. 

Below are a few examples of past students' GYOW programs.

Maeve Kirby '14
Major: Religion
Type of GYOW: Service Trip Summer 2011
Where: Nicaragua with Project Chacocente

Stacey Geyer '14
Major: Music Performance and Theater
Type: Internship Summer 2012
Where: Italy with Opera Viva!

Ryan Mason '14
Major: Sociology
Type: CIEE Summer Program Summer 2012
Where: Paris, France

Kristen Meixell '13
Major: Theater Performance & Design and Elementary Education
Minor: German
Type: Internship Summer 2012
Where: Allentown, Pa.

Ariana Stowe '13
Major: English
Type: Sports Camp Summer 2011
Where: Costa Rica with Beyond Study Abroad

Ross Williams '13
Major: Business Administration and Philosophy
Minor: Marketing
Type: Internship Winter 2011
Where: Denmark

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