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Language Tutoring

The Center for Academic Achievement offers a variety of tutoring services for Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish courses.Students chatting in the Center for Academic Achievement

Language tutors are students with a language major or minor who have spent at least a semester in a country in which the studied language is predominant. We also hire native speakers who are studying at Susquehanna.

Language tutors help students improve skills by identifying strengths and weaknesses, explaining and demonstrating strategies, and by asking questions that engage students. They do not simply correct students' work; rather, they help students correct their own work.

Our goal is for students to:

  • Develop and gain confidence in the process of learning a language
  • Understand how to prepare for a tutorial
  • Learn to summarize and make sense of assignments
  • Improve critical thinking skills and learn to ask effective questions


Language Tutoring Services for Fall 2014

Beginning Sunday, Aug. 31


Tutoring by appointment:  Adam Bourgault, Mohan (Molly) Liu *


Tutoring by appointment:  Elizabeth Czuj, Melanie Demakis, Taylor O'Connor, Amy Sowers *

Drop-in tutoring: 
Sunday - Thursday, 7-8:30 p.m. 
Fisher Hall, Room TBA


Tutoring by appointment:  Kristen Grube, Maddie Waltman *


Tutoring by appointment:  Alex Beale *


Tutoring by appointment:  Kristin Drabik, Maribeth Guarino, Kristen Leary, Erin McGarrah, Sammantha Nelson, Megan Rodriguez *

Model Student Program:
SPAN-103:  Intro to College Spanish I
Review Session:  TBD
Model Student:  Kristen Leary

SPAN-103: Intro to College Spanish I
Review Session: TBD
Model Student:  Megan Rodriguez


* Email tutors directly to schedule an appointment.

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