Student working in a chemistry labBy studying chemistry at a liberal arts institution, Susquehanna students benefit from a solid grounding in the sciences.  They also gain a valuable, broader understanding of how the sciences interact with and are influenced by history, music, philosophy and literature. 

Within the chemistry department, students choose from two concentrations for study and research:


This program focuses on the elements of matter, their composition, reactivity and interaction.  Chemistry plays a key role in the natural sciences, as it explores the behavior of matter in the bulk phase, as well as at the molecular level.  Susquehanna chemistry graduates are well prepared for further study or careers in research, education or industry.


This program examines how the fundamentals of chemistry control biological functions and how biology is capable of performing complex chemical reactions. The study of biochemistry is an ideal preparation for further study and careers in medicine, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, research and biotechnology.

Course Catalog

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