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Business Policy and Strategy

The Capstone Course

During their senior year, all business majors prepare to enter the workforce by taking an intensive, highly collaborative capstone course. Known as Business Policy and Strategy, this course ties together all previous academic work, builds communication and presentation proficiencies, and helps students find the right job for them.

Students meet in small group sessions three times a week. They analyze real world case studies and compete against each other in group presentations. Through this process, they learn team dynamics and gain a greater understanding of how leadership, ethics and responsibility will advance their careers.

Professors who lead this class have extensive real world business experience. They also connect students to successful alumni who offer guidance and support.

Approximately 10 times each semester, Sigmund Weis School of Business alumni visit this class to judge presentations, conduct mock interviews, discuss the challenges and opportunities of their fields, and network with students.

This integrated approach, coupled with a strong liberal arts foundation and a unique international experience, makes graduates of the Sigmund Weis School of Business highly desirable employees.

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