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What Students Say About Their Internships

When students work as interns, they hone their skills, gain networking experiences and sometimes learn something about themselves. Here’s what some SWSB students say about their recent internships.

Jamie Montella ‘14

Waverly, Pa. |  Accounting
Internship: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Baltimore, Md.

I was surprised that Pricewaterhouse Coopers treated me as a first year associate instead of an intern. This was both a challenging – and rewarding – situation for me. Fortunately, Susquehanna not only provided me with the foundations I needed in accounting, but also the fundamental communications and teamwork skills that are required to be successful in any job. Upon completion of my internship, I was offered a full-time position with PwC to start in the fall after graduation. It was a great way to start my senior year!

Ashley Abendschoen ’14

West Caldwell, N.J.,  |  Business Administration-Human Resources emphasis
Internship: Beyond the Disability, LLC

My internship required me to work from home for just about the whole summer, communicating with my supervisor and co-workers by emails and quick Skype sessions. I discovered that I am a self-motivated employee who does not need direct supervision in order to get things done. I also learned how to manage my time well enough to set my own schedule on the job. This is something I can bring to the table during my interviews that will help me land my first job.

Jennifer Novack ’16

Quakertown, Pa. |  Accounting
Internship: Northwestern Mutual, Lehigh, Pa.

I was very prepared for my internship even though I was the youngest intern there. It was a joke in the office that "she's ONLY a freshman," but everyone was genuinely impressed with my professionalism and devotion to the work I was doing. Before I started, my professors offered me advice and assured me that I was ready for it. The Career Development Center also helped me prepare for my interviews and get my resume ready for the internship search. Thanks to them, I already have another internship lined up.

Brandon Mendoza ‘16

Shamokin, Pa. |  Finance
Internship: Weis Markets Inc., Sunbury, Pa.

My internship experience allowed me to make connections with supervisors and co-workers that I interacted with. Down the road they may serve as a reference for a future job or guide me to an employer.

Morgan A. Klinger ’14

Elizabethville, Pa., Accounting
Internship: KPMG, Harrisburg, Pa.

As a federal tax intern at KPMG in Harrisburg, I had the opportunity to participate in a national training in Orlando, Fla., as well as other networking events. It was a nice surprise to discover that I was more prepared than students from other schools in terms of networking and how to approach professional situations. An integral part of the internship experience is networking and being able to communicate in a professional atmosphere, and it is in those situations that I felt more prepared than others. I treated my internship as an eight-week interview, and I was actually lucky enough to receive a full-time job offer at the end of my internship.

Melissa Lee ‘14

Bethlehem, Pa. |  Accounting, Music Performance
Internship: Allentown Symphony Association, Allentown, Pa.

I had some accounting and general business knowledge from my classes, but my internship projects required me to really use my analytical skills in acquiring answers for problems that were "not straight from the textbook." Fortunately, my education at Susquehanna had laid down a solid foundation for me in helping me to organize and critically think about many factors and see the big picture.

Kara Mirarchi ’15

Baltimore, Md. | Business, Marketing
Internships: National Aquarium, Baltimore, Md. and Heavy Seas Brewery, Baltimore, Md.

I’ve had two internships so far, and I’ve been surprised with how much the companies trusted me with their work. Both let me do a lot of big projects and tasks that I would not have expected them to let an intern work on. I also surprised myself in how well I was able to work on these projects with so little experience. I believe that having the hands-on experience in the marketing field will give me an advantage when I enter the real world. I feel as if I will know what to expect and have more knowledge all around for my first job. Having two internships has helped me understand marketing more and has prepared me to land my first job.

Rebecca Zamiskie ’14

West Caldwell, N.J. | Accounting
Internship: CohnReznick, LLP., Roseland, N.J.

One thing that surprised me during my internship at CohnReznick was how independent I could be. There was no check-in or sign-in; we were expected to come to work and complete our tasks and ask for help if we needed it. They put trust in the interns and I enjoyed the independent experience. The knowledge I gained during this experience has already paid off. The company noticed my improvements and expertise in the field and offered me a full-time position, which I have accepted.

Erik Kildal-Brandt ’15

Mendham N.J. |  Business, Marketing
Internship: St. Jacques Marketing, Morristown, N.J.

I got a first-hand view of the company business and what everyone’s jobs entailed. I helped out with a variety of tasks, attended client meetings and had the opportunity to attend a massive franchise marketing convention in New York City. In addition to learning the ins and outs of how businesses operate, I had a chance to do a great deal of networking. It’s important to note that the internship gave me confidence and made me more focused on my studies because I now know where all the information I learn is going and how it will be used.

Samuel Mino ’14

Furlong, Pa. |  Information Systems
Internship: Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia, Pa.

As an intern in the Information Services Department at Independence Blue Cross, I worked in an environment with over 500 production servers and managed business critical systems and applications. Furthermore, I had on-site training from vendors including Oracle, IBM and Cisco. I also had a rather unique opportunity to work on a marketing campaign with a group of 16 interns from a wide range of departments throughout the company. On the final day, three members of my team and I presented our strategy to 300 employees including vice presidents and executive vice presidents of the organization. Going into my internship I would have never expected to be working in an area of the company so vastly different from the Information Services Department, but it was very rewarding.

Briley Acker ’15

Levittown, Pa. |  Accounting and Information Systems
Internship: Geisinger Health System, Bloomsburg, Pa.

While I worked at the Web Services office at Geisinger, my supervisors were very open to discussion about my future career plans. They were very willing and happy to help me toward a career with Geisinger in web development, but were likewise happy to introduce us to other departments within the Geisinger system where we might find our interests will better align, which was a pleasant surprise.

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