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A Global Advantage

GO Programs | SWSBOne thing that sets SWSB graduates apart is their cross-cultural experience.

Not only is Susquehanna University’s Global Opportunities (GO) Program ranked as one of the top 15 “most popular study abroad programs” by The Princeton Review, in 2013 the Institute for International Education bestowed its prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award on Susquehanna for internationalizing the campus.

Spending time in another country and learning to appreciate cultural differences not only prepares students to compete in today’s global business environment. Some say it’s a prerequisite for success.

Employers tell us that new hires from the Sigmund Weis School of Business have more self-confidence and are better able to communicate with individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Students may choose business-related programs such as The London Program, led by faculty from the Sigmund Weis School of Business. Or they may opt for service learning trips, or those with a cultural focus.

No matter where they go, their experience changes them. And helps them grow as citizens of the world.

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