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The Prague Experience

“The greatest value in this program is the positive growth that students experience in their knowledge and maturity – in both their personal and business outlooks.” 
- Richard E. Orwig, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems

An exciting component of the London program in 2013 was a strategic planning project for two companies in the Czech Republic – Vodafone, a worldwide leader in telecommunications, and Marks & Spencer, a multinational retail organization.

Two teams were assigned to each client. During the course of the semester, they collaborated with each other under the supervision of their professor and a representative from the Global Institute of Balanced Advancement (GIOBA), a renowned European consulting firm.

They also participated in a cross-cultural communication and presentation skills workshop, where they learned important cultural nuances and the dos and don’ts of presenting to clients in the Czech Republic.

The project culminated in a trip to Prague, where students presented their research and recommendations to senior executives from the firms.

Praise for the students’ work was high. Over the years, several students have received internships from Czech companies as a result of their performances during their semesters abroad.

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