GO Opportunities in Science

The folllowing programs are led by Department of Biology faculty. Specific biology subject matter investigation varies by program.

Focus Australia

Focus AustraliaThis is a program of study concentrating on the history, culture and biogeography of Australia. This program involves a course (Biological Issues in Australia) taken in the semester prior to a 22-day study tour of the island continent. More »



GalápaGOs is an inter-disciplinary, collaborative course designed to familiarize students with methods, theories, approaches and histories necessary for understanding biological and cultural diversity in the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador. More »


GO Cyprus

GO Cyprus is a two-week summer program centered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Students are immersed in Cyprus’ rich history and explore the political division between the Turkish-Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek-Cypriot Republic of Cyprus, and how those identities are often reflected in the foods people eat. Students participate in a cooking class designed to compare and contrast the differing cultures of Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus. More »


GO Denmark and Sweden

In this two-week, biannual program, students travel to both Denmark and Sweden and explore the culture of modern day medicine and health care and how it compares to the United States. Students gain a understanding of the cultural roots of Denmark and Sweden, which both can be traced back to the Vikings. By comparing the differences in the medical care in these two similar landscapes as well as comparing it to the United States’ medicine and health care systems, students will see how the culture of medicine influences a society. More »


The Golden Ring of RussiaThe Golden Ring of Russia

Students spend three weeks gaining field experience in the ancient “Golden Ring” region of Russia, an area that has endured significant human impact for more than 1,000 years and is now going through major social, economic and political changes. The main focus is on the ecology of the region as it relates to geomorphology, land usage and Russian culture. A major portion of the course will include an introduction to the Russian language together with cultural experiences in the Yaroslavl’ region and Moscow. More »


Sherpa Life and CultureSherpa Life and Culture

This GO Short program will focus on the cultural, geographical and physiological aspects of the life of the Sherpa people in the mountain kingdom of Nepal while providing a challenging physical experience that in itself will be life-defining for the participants. More »

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