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Photo of Dan Ressler, Ph.D.

Dan Ressler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Phone: 570-372-4216
Office Location: Natural Sciences Center - Rm 111 D
Office Hours:
1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m., F
1 p.m. – 4 p.m., TW
10 a.m. – 12 p.m., TWF

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Academic Credentials:
PHD, Iowa State University
MS, Iowa State University
BS, Pennsylvania State University

Ressler is a soil scientist and teaches Environmental Science, Wetlands Analysis, Soil Science, Geographic Information Systems, Chemistry of Natural Water, and Groundwater Pollution and Monitoring. He has published articles in scientific journals about nutrient dispersal and uptake by crops after application by traditional and improved fertilizer injectors. He holds two patents on fertilizer injectors.

His work at the Centralia, Pa., mine fire has led to an article about high temperature nitrogen cycling, as well as work on soil gas and trace metal redistribution and plant uptake. He is currently working on trace metals in plants and soils when biosolids are applied to New Zealand pasture soils to beneficially use this wastewater treatment byproduct.

Ressler has directed student research projects examining the ecological effects of uncontrolled mine fires on soils and plants, wetland hydrology and geochemistry, lake sedimentation projects, and urban tree inventories in Sunbury and Selinsgrove.


  • ECOL-380 Wetlands Analysis
  • EENV-101 Environmental Science
  • EENV-270 Chemistry of Natural Waters
  • EENV-360 Geographic Info Systems
  • EENV-380 Wetlands Analysis
  • EENV-383 Soil Science
  • EENV-430 Chemistry of Natural Waters
  • EENV-560 Independent Study
  • EENV-590 Internship
  • EENV-591 Environmental Internship Seminar
  • EENV-595 Research in Earth & Environmental Sci
  • EENV-596 Environmental Research Seminar
  • OFFR-310 Global Citizenship
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives

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