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Photo of Derek J. Straub, Ph.D.

Derek J. Straub, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Phone: 570-372-4767
Office Location: Natural Sciences Center - Rm 111 E
Office Hours: 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m., MWF

Academic Credentials:
PHD, Colorado State Univ Fort Collins
MS, Colorado State Univ Fort Collins
BS, Marquette University

Straub is an atmospheric scientist and teaches Weather and Climate, Introduction to Meteorology, Atmospheric Measurements, Air Quality, and Sustainable Energy Resources. In addition, he is the faculty advisor for GeoClub. He oversaw the design and construction of a solar photovoltaic array on Susquehanna University's campus.

Straub's current research focuses on thermodynamic equilibrium of inorganic species in local air samples and the aqueous processing of volatile organic compounds in fog droplets. He has published papers in Aerosol Science and Technology, Atmospheric Environment, the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, and the Journal of Geophysical Research.


  • EENV-104 Weather and Climate
  • EENV-240 Introduction to Meteorology
  • EENV-332 Sustainable Energy Resources
  • EENV-590 Internship
  • EENV-591 Environmental Internship Seminar
  • EENV-595 Research in Earth & Environmental Sci
  • EENV-597 Field Program
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives

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