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Publishing and Editing Minor


Publishing has long been a classic bridge industry—between writers and readers, art and business, teachers and students, mainstream and margins, high and low cultures, and traditional and new technologies. A publishing and editing minor prepares students to confront, understand and navigate these interconnections, and Susquehanna University is one of the few liberal arts colleges to have such a program.

The goal of the program is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required by professionals in publishing and editing, as well as to coordinate students’ learning experiences in publishing and editing. In addition, the program will ask students to reflect on the cultural role of publishing, the history of the book, and the implications of the current shift to a digital publishing environment.

The minor in publishing and editing requires 18 semester hours in English, creative writing and communications courses with a grade of C- or above.

The five required courses are:

ENGL:190 Introduction to Modern Publishing. Introduces students to the history of modern publishing, to the process, art and business of producing books (including current trends and problems), and to the practical knowledge and critical skills needed to pursue employment in the industry. 4 SH. Central Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Course.

WRIT:270 Small Press Editing and Publishing. An intermediate focused subject course that focuses on the challenges and issues faced by small literary presses; students learn to edit fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and memoirs, and gain practice in publishing literary journals and chapbooks. 4 SH.

COMM:331 Editing. An intermediate focused subject course that focuses on the challenges and issues confronted in editing for journalism, and teaches the process of editing a newspaper. Includes developing assignments, editorial judgment, copyediting, type styles and sizes, headline writing, graphic and photo design, and page layout. (Journalism majors will apply this course toward the minor and will substitute any COMM:300 level course, or higher, to satisfy the major). 4 SH.

ENGL:540 Internship. Functions as an intermediate focused subject course. Working with the Career Center’s list of internships available in publishing or editing either on-campus (i.e. Modern Language Studies and student literary publications) or off-campus, and taking advantage of internship opportunities available through the Washington Semester Program, students choose an internship that speaks to their specific interests and abilities. 2 SH.

ENGL:388 Publishing: Entertainment, Art, Politics, Ethics. Functions like a capstone for the minor. This course analyzes changes and continuities in the cultural role of publishing from the beginning of mass printing to the current day, especially regarding the linked roles of literary criticism and political activism. Prerequisites: Successful completion of ENGL:100 and 4 semester hours in any ENGL:200 level course, or instructor permission. 4 SH. Central Curriculum: Ethics Intensive.

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