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Student Internship Experiences

Michelle Bayman

Einstein Thompson Literary Agency
New York, N.Y.

During summer of 2013, I worked for the Einstein Thompson Literary Agency as an intern evaluating manuscripts in their slush pile email. If I felt the submission was not up to par, I sent out a rejection email. If I thought the piece had potential, I comprised a reader report and forwarded the manuscript and my report to the appropriate agent. Over time, the agents asked me to report on manuscripts they had personally solicited, and even to craft personalized rejection emails on their behalf. This position gave me a chance to use the skills I learned at SU in combination with new ones, such as determining marketability of a manuscript. Working with ETA gave me publishing experience so that I could pursue my career further: first by attending the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University and then by applying for jobs at literary agencies.

Madeline Distasio

Natasha Morgan, Blog and Social Media
New York, N.Y.

After returning from an amazing semester in London, I decided to find a fashion internship in hopes of pursuing a career in fashion after graduation. I submitted my resume for a social media branding and journalism position with NYC-based accessories designer Natasha Morgan. Two days later, I had an interview and was hired on the spot. I worked about 45 hours each week building online branding platforms via social media and writing monthly trend forecasts on the label's various blogs. I knew my work was having a real impact, especially when a blog that I and other interns created led to figures like Madonna and Beyonce coming across Natasha’s line of eyewear. This internship, along with Natasha's constant support, inspired me to keep chasing my sartorial dreams: after my spring graduation, I will be taking graduate courses in fashion marketing and journalism in either London or Florence.

Emily Gorge

Pennsylvania State Senate Office
West Chester, Pa.

In the summer of 2012, I worked as an intern in the office of Pennsylvania State Senator Andrew Dinniman. My position entailed performing legislative research, constructing bills for presentation on the Senate floor and representing the senator at several Chester County political events. An exciting project that I worked on during my time was compiling a grant request for the U.S. Department of the Interior to rescue and preserve the historical property of the Brandywine Battlefield from local developers. I found that the reading, writing and oral communication abilities I acquired from my English courses were of great value in politics. The challenges of navigating the political and legal realms solidified my desire to pursue a legal education. My hope is to work as counsel for government officials and to someday run for higher political office in Pennsylvania.

Amy Masgay

Wolters Kluwer, Health
Philadelphia, Pa.

Thanks to the support of an alumna, I became aware of a great internship program with the academic publishing company Wolters Kluwers. It was a wonderful fit immediately. Based out of their Philadelphia office, I was responsible for updating the onboarding system that was in place for new employees. In order to accomplish this, I had the opportunity to interview employees, hire managers, and work closely with human resources, in order to ensure that recent hires had access to the most efficient training possible. Wolters Kluwer treated me very well and made sure that my summer with them was a positive experience.

Karen Stewart

National Endowment for the Humanities
Washington, D.C.

During the summer of 2013, I interned in the communications office at the National Endowment for the Humanities. Most of my work involved updating the NEH’s website and its magazine, Humanities, by organizing and publishing articles online. A few of the many highlights of my experience were participating in a reception for the president’s annual medalists, meeting with panelists who determined which project proposals should receive NEH funding, meeting with the deputy chairwoman of the NEH and writing a follow-up article for a previously-funded project. This article sparked my interest in developing my senior capstone and departmental honors projects into studies that involved civil rights speeches, Alabama football and racial integration. Thanks to SU’s English Department, I was able to conduct research at the University of Alabama, and recently I applied to this university for graduate school.

Lindsay Wisser

Lehigh Valley Summerbridge
Bethlehem, Pa.

After completing my first semester at SU, I obtained a position at Lehigh Valley Summerbridge, a summer enrichment program for 7th and 8th grade students, located in Bethlehem, Pa. The program is held five days a week for six weeks. During my first summer I taught two writing classes and an elective course. After my sophomore year at SU, I was asked to come back as a lead teacher, teaching as well as directing my team of teachers. My experiences as a Summerbridge teacher have helped me toward my goal of becoming an English teacher by allowing me to develop my own writing course and daily lesson plans—and to implement these plans in my very own classroom

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