Earth & Environmental Science

Student Research

Science is, by definition, a process of exploration.  As such, department faculty make sure students are well-grounded in the fundamentals of conducting research in the lab and in the field. 

Grad School

Some examples of recent original research projects include:

Tracking the Migration of the Lateral Mixing Zone of the North and West Branch of the Susquehanna River at Hummels Wharf, Pa.: Brian Zuidervliet '14 and Ahmed Lachhab, Ph.D. 

Zuidervliet is now a master's student in environmental engineering at Bucknell University.

Measuring Ammonia with an Ion Mobility Spectrometer: Logan Scholl '14 and Derek Straub, Ph.D. 

Alternative Methods to the Habitat Suitability Index for Bald Eagles: Amanda Eyer '14 and Dan Ressler, Ph.D.

Eyer is now studying environmental law at Vermont Law School.

Middle Creek Water Assessment Using Water Quality Index (WQI): Matt Beren '14 and Ahmed Lachhab, Ph.D.

Beren is now studying hydrogeology at Clemson University.

Application of Different Resolution GPR Surveys to Identify Unmarked Graves at the Sharon Lutheran Church, Selinsgrove, Pa.: Kelly Steelman '13 and Ahmed Lachhab, Ph.D.

Steelman now works at Earth Engineering.

Facies Analysis of the Keyser Formation (Siluro-Devonian) Selinsgrove Junction, Pa.: Collin Littlefield '13 and Jennifer Elick, Ph.D. 

Mineralogical and Geochemical Analysis of the Liverpool Diabase Dike: Lauren Strella '12 and Jennifer Elick, Ph.D.

Strella is now studying energy systems engineering at Lehigh University.

Tracking Water Table Elevation at the Center for Environmental Education and Research, Selinsgrove, Pa.: Ian Quinlan '12 and Ahmed Lachhab, Ph.D.

Quinlan is currently a master's student in environmental engineering at Villanova University.  

Using Vermicomposting to Test the Decomposition of SunChips Bags: Emily Grabenstein '12 and Dan Ressler, Ph.D.

Grabenstein is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in GeoEnvironmental Studies at Shippensburg University.

Measuring Bathymetry and Sediment Deposition in Walker Lake, Pa., with Use of Ground Penetrating Radar: Aaron Booterbaugh '12 and Ahmed Lachhab, Ph.D.

Booterbaugh is currently a master’s student in geophysics at the University of Calgary.

Feasibility of Micro-wind Turbines for Home Use in Central Pennsylvania: Zach Moyer '11 and Dan Ressler, Ph.D.

Moyer is now a GIS specialist at Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pa.


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