Earth & Environmental Science


The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is housed in the Natural Sciences Center, a LEED-certified building built in 2010.  Facilities include classrooms, soil/sediment and geochemistry laboratories, and a rock sample preparation room.  The department maintains an extensive collection of rocks and minerals, as well as maps and aerial photographs from the region and around the world.

Students also work at several field stations that include forestlands, lakes, streams, marshland and an urban wetland.

The department also makes use of Susquehanna University’s Center for Environmental Education and Research (CEER), located on an 87-acre parcel of land adjacent to campus. Associate Professor Derek Straub, Ph.D., currently uses the CEER field site for fog chemistry research. Instrumentation at the site includes an automated fog water collector, a liquid water content monitor, temperature and relative humidity sensors, and a rain gauge.

Real-time data from these sensors can be accessed here: 
Past 24 Hours 
Past Seven Days


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