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University Theme: A Sustainable Future

Anthology Table of Contents

  • Susquehanna University Learning Goals, SU Faculty, staff, and students, Introduction by L. Jay Lemons
  • The Tamarisk Hunter, Paolo Bacigalupi, Introduction by Anne Reeves
  • The War on College Cafeteria Trays, Maya Curry, Introduction by Robert Ginader
  • Green Destiny: Universities Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future, Christopher Uhl & Amy Anderson, Introduction by Andy Kilmer
  • Putting the Earth in Play: Environmental Awareness And Sports, Charles W. Schmidt, Introduction by Pamela Samuelson
  • Synopsis of the ELCA's Social Statement on Economic Life, ELCA, Introduction by Mark Wm. Radecke
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Called Home, Barbara Kingsolver, Introduction by Jan Reichard-Brown
  • Stalking the Vegetannual, Barbara Kingsolver, Introduction by Jan Reichard-Brown
  • Oily Food, Hungry World, & The Global Equation, Steven L. Hopp, Introduction by Jan Reichard-Brown
  • Taking Local on the Road, Camille Kingsolver, Introduction by Jan Reichard-Brown
  • The Consumer: A Republic of Fat, Michael Pollan, Introduction by John Bodinger de Uriarte
  • Sustainable Business Makes Dollars and Sense, Scott Fields, Introduction by Richard Orwig
  • "First-Aid for the Earth", Ted Steinberg, Introduction by Allie Bochicchio
  • The Bottleneck, E. O. Wilson, Introduction by Alissa Packer
  • The Effect of China's One-Child Family Policy After 25 Years, Therese Hesketh, Li Lu, & Zhu Wei Xing, Introduction by Margaret Peeler
  • Our Carbon Copies (or, Too Many Americans), Thomas L. Friedman, Introduction by Coleen Zoller
  • Time for a Smarter Approach to Global Warming, Bjorn Lomborg, Introduction by Alissa Packer
  • Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold, Introduction by Drew Hubbell
  • The Land Ethic, Aldo Leopold, Introduction by Drew Hubbell
  • Easter Island's End, Jared Diamond, Introduction by Kathy Straub

"Seeing Ourselves and Earth With New Eyes by Christopher Uhl

Ecologist Christopher Uhl, professor of biology at Penn State presents a speech as part of the 2010-11 University Theme, "A Sustainable Future." In addition to publishing numerous articles, Uhl is the author of "Developing Ecological Consciousness: Path to a Sustainable World."

As an ecologist, Uhl looks at the world and sees a finite planet being overwhelmed by humans. As he summarizes, 'soils are thinner, ground water increasingly polluted and scarce, the atmosphere tainted, climate destabilized, and many plant and animal species endangered."

Early in his career, Uhl had an interest in both medicine and ecology, and he has joined these interests under the rubric of "ecological healing." During the 1980s, he studied the ways in which Amazon ecosystems heal after human assaults. In the 1990s, he focused on the role that universities might play in healing-for example, by assuming roles of leadership in the so-called Sustainability Revolution.

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