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SU in the Mediterranean: Cyprus

CyprusCyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is easily accessible from central Europe. 

Cyprus has more than 300 days of sunshine year, and although it is a small country, it has a lot to offer the student studying abroad.  

More than half of the island has strong Greek cultural influences, while North Cyprus is Turkish, making this country interestingly and uniquely culturally divided.

Cyprus foodStudents on the SU in the Mediterranean program take classes in English in a multicultural learning environment at the University of Nicosia, all the while investigating the island's cultural differences and exploring the array of terrains Cyprus has to offer, from the Troodos Mountains to the beaches of Ayia Napa.


Students on this program take courses at the University of Nicosia, located in the host city and capital of the island, Nicosia.

The university offers a wide variety of course topics taught in English, making it a fairly easy fit for Cyprus housingmost majors. With about 4,000 students enrolled and more than 60 different countries represented, going to school here is truly an international experience.


Students live in fully furnished apartments with kitchens in Nicosia. Typically there are two students to a bedroom, though students may pay extra for a single room.

Turkish CyprusExcursions

Students can participate in various excursions throughout Cyprus during their semester. There is also an optional one-week excursion to Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain. The cost of the week-long trip is extra. 

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