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Accounting Major Interns at MetLife

Published on July 17, 2014

• Business curriculum prepares junior for career

Susquehanna University's James Hahn at MetLifeFor the second summer in a row, Susquehanna University rising junior James Hahn, from Yardley, Pa., is interning with MetLife. This year, he’s working in the internal audits department in Bridgewater, N.J. An accounting major in Susquehanna’s Sigmund Weis School of Business, Hahn is using skills he learned in a wide range of classes.


Tell us about your internship:

“I’m doing various audits that look at different parts of MetLife’s business to make sure they’re running efficiently, they don’t have any fraud, and making sure everything is going well. Right now, I’m looking at the retail and annuity products to make sure the claims are being processed properly and, later next month, I’m going to be looking at long-term care to make sure people are actually qualifying for those products.”

How has Susquehanna prepared you?

“The general business curriculum has really prepared me to see everything. From Global Business Perspectives to Business Policy and Strategy and Corporate Financial Management, having the background of those three classes has really helped me. You need to have a background in every part of business to do auditing.”

What do you like most about this internship?

“I like the challenge of going through all these documents to make sure everything is right. It’s a lot like a mystery to piece together.”

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