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Business Student Lands Golden Internship

Published on July 21, 2014

• Hong Kong offers multitude of opportunities for learning global markets

Susquehanna University's Shawn EntenmanShawn Entenman, a rising senior from Southampton, Pa., and James Bond fan, is interning this summer in his dream location—Hong Kong, the site for the Bond classic “Man with the Golden Gun.” A business administration major at Susquehanna, Entenman is working for Innovasians, a company that focuses on new and sustainable technologies in the development and manufacturing of eco-lifestyle products. He is in Hong Kong, thanks to the university’s Eric Stein Fund for International Experience, which enables students in the Sigmund Weis School of Business to intern with companies around the world.

Tell us about your internship:

“Working with Lizette Smook [founder and CEO of Innovasians] has been great. I’m researching potential clients and I’ve been on marketing trips. She’s letting me work on business plans that the company will actually be using. I get to edit them, do several analyses and plug in projections from another finance intern. She has the confidence in my writing to allow me to do this. I am just an intern, but these are pretty big tasks to give someone after just three weeks.”

How has Susquehanna prepared you?

“I was in Prague with the London Program and that experience was key. A lot of what I have to do for this business plan, I’ve done already. In addition to that, Dr. (Richard) Orwig [associate professor of information systems] provided us with a lot of grammar rules, and I have yet to tell him this, but I am using what he taught us. I’ve been provided with a lot of resources at Susquehanna.”

Why did you apply for this internship?

“Hong Kong interested me because it’s the setting for my favorite James Susquehanna University's Shawn Entenman interned at Innovasians in Hong Kong, China.Bond movie—The Man With the Golden Gun. Actually, I just never saw myself with the chance to go to Asia and learn and work in this capacity after graduation. There are no tariffs here so it’s a major trading hub between the United States and China, and there’s lots of money to be made here. It’s also one of the leading cities in finance.”

What has surprised you about living in Hong Kong?

“The first is that everything is very orderly. People line up single file while waiting for a bus. The second is that buildings are huge here. And I’m also the tallest person in most crowds.”

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