Earth & Environmental Science

Field Trips

Sometimes the best lessons occur outside the classroom.  That’s why the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences provides students with ample opportunities to explore the natural world coast-to-coast, comparing and contrasting ecosystems in places as diverse as Death Valley, Calif., and New York’s Adirondack Mountains. 

For example, students in the department’s Ecosystems class travel annually to Island Beach State Park, N.J., to examine coastal ecosystems and environments.  In addition, in 2008, students taking Geology and Ecology of the Desert Southwest were provided with the opportunity to examine desert ecology up close at the Grand Canyon and Bryce and Zion national parks. 

Closer to home, classes have visited a wind turbine farm near Wilkes-Barre; the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant; and ABC and CBS news stations in Harrisburg, Pa., where students learned more about the intersection of meteorology and mass communications.  In general, all lab classes include field trips. 

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