Psychology ResearchMost undergraduates never have the opportunity to conduct research on their own. But at Susquehanna, research is woven into the curriculum to broaden your horizons and help you acquire critical-thinking skills.

During your junior or senior years, you’ll conduct a research project for your senior capstone under the supervision of a faculty member.

What if you have no interest in pursuing a research career? The research experience is still highly valuable because it helps you develop skills that every employer wants—and every employee needs. Whether the future finds you in the world of business, education, health care or the field of psychology itself, you will understand the importance of statistical reasoning, data-driven problem solving, ethics training, program design, writing and communications skills, and quality control.

Presenting Research

Senior Scholars Day presentationSusquehanna students get noticed. That’s because they are “out there” presenting, learning and growing. When presenting at conferences, they do so alongside graduate students and university professors, and frequently are touted as among the best at any given event.

Students have presented papers at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, annual meetings of the American Psychological Association in Toronto and New York, and at regional professional meetings in Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, R.I., and Washington, D.C.

Many psychology majors also have presented papers at the Susquehanna University Senior Scholars Day, and have served as co-authors on papers published in professional journals.

Course Catalog

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