Theatre performanceFor more than 140 years, theatre has played a fundamental role in the Susquehanna University community.  The Department of Theatre seeks to cultivate an understanding of the art and practice of theatre as a profession and as a means of exploring human communication and culture.  The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is in keeping with the university’s mission to educate students for productive and reflective lives of achievement, leadership and service in a diverse and interconnected world.

To achieve a synthesized liberal arts and fine arts education, students focus their study in the theatre major through one of two emphases: performance or production and design.  Our performance and technical courses rival those of any conservatory or B.F.A. program in intensity and quality, and our diverse academic courses would be at home in the most prestigious and cutting-edge B.A. programs.  Theatre classes remain small, enabling our students to receive personalized quality instruction.

In practice, the department adheres to a professional model and operates as a theatre company.  Students and faculty collaborate on the theatre productions for each season, allowing students to experience the responsibilities they will encounter in professional theatre operations.  The program is academically rigorous and artistically challenging, intended for serious students of the various disciplines of theatre.

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