Faculty & Staff

Anna Andes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Phone: 570-372-4664
Office Location: Degenstein Campus Center

Academic Credentials:
MA, Univ of Colorado Boulder
PHD, Univ of Colorado Boulder
BA, Franklin and Marshall College


  • FILM-240 Female Action Heroines in Film
  • HONS-200 Thought and Civilization
  • HONS-301 Dramatic Theory & Criticism
  • OFFR-PRAGUE Performance & Design in Post-Comm Prague
  • OFFS-PRAGUE Performance & Design in Post-Comm Prague
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives
  • THEA-101 The Musical
  • THEA-102 Student-Directed Production
  • THEA-103 Spring Production
  • THEA-104 Advanced Acting Workshop
  • THEA-151 Acting I: the Stanislavski System
  • THEA-152 Understanding Theatre
  • THEA-200 Dramatic Literature
  • THEA-240 Theatre and Violence
  • THEA-252 Survey of Western Theatre
  • THEA-253 Identity in Non-Western Theatre
  • THEA-451 Directing
  • THEA-453 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • THEA-502 Individual Investigation
  • THEA-505 Theatre Capstone: Performance
  • WMST-240 Female Action Heroines in Film
  • WMST-241 Theatre and Violence

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