Chapter Facts

Fraternity Motto: Seek a life useful.

Member's Motto: We seek to become humble artists by the one and only road of labor and service.

Theta Phi Omega cast aims and purposes: 

  • To develop dramatic talent and the art of acting at Susquehanna University. 
  • To cultivate taste for the best in all aspects of drama. 
  • To promote and provide fellowship and service among those interested in theatre. 
  • To reward students who have demonstrated superior performance ability and outstanding effort in support of university theatre.

The National Publication: Playbill, printed annually

Alpha Psi Omega Colors: Amber and Moonlight blue, which are the two most common colors used in lighting today.

Theta Phi Cast Flower: There is a long tradition in the theatre of giving flowers, particularly roses, as gifts to outstanding performers. The yellow rose was selected in our 50th year at Susquehanna University as the chapter's symbol.  It is not only one of Alpha Psi Omega's colors, but it also symbolizes friendship.

Chapter Day: The ninth of every month. If the ninth falls on a weekend, then Chapter Day shall be observed on the following Monday.

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