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Photo of Karla Anne Kelsey, Ph.D.

Karla Anne Kelsey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Creative Writing
Phone: 570-372-4525
Email: kelseykarla@susqu.edu
Office Location: The Writers Institute - 610 University Ave

Academic Credentials:
MFA, Univ of Iowa
BA, Univ of California Los Angeles
PHD, Univ of Denver


  • ENGL-265 Forms of Writing: Poetry
  • ENGL-290 Aesthetics and Interpretation
  • WRIT-240 Experimental Writing
  • WRIT-250 Introduction to Poetry
  • WRIT-270 Small Press Publishing and Editing
  • WRIT-350 Intermediate Poetry
  • WRIT-450 Advanced Poetry
  • WRIT-500 Independent Study
  • WRIT-520 Practicum
  • WRIT-590 Independent Writing Project

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