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Photo of Karen E. Mura, Ph.D.

Karen E. Mura, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 570-372-4201
Email: mura@susqu.edu
Office Location: Fisher Hall - Rm 246

Academic Credentials:
PHD, Univ of Wisconsin Madison
MA, University of Toronto
MA, Oxford University
BA, Wellesley College


  • ENGL-100 Writing and Thinking
  • ENGL-200 Literature and Culture
  • ENGL-205 Early English Narratives
  • ENGL-205 Legends of Arthur
  • ENGL-205 Medieval Romance
  • ENGL-205 War & Worship in Middle Ages
  • ENGL-230 British Lit, Medieval - Renaissance
  • ENGL-350 Chaucer
  • ENGL-390 Arthurian Literature
  • ENGL-390 Literature of King Arthur
  • ENGL-500 Directed Reading and Research
  • ENGL-540 Internship
  • HONS-100 Thought
  • HONS-200 Thought and Civilization
  • HONS-290 Sophomore Essay
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives

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