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Christine Cooper Grace, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
Phone: 570-372-4523
Office Location: Apfelbaum Hall - Rm 200

Academic Credentials:
PHD, Ohio State University Columbus
MLHR, Ohio State University Columbus
BS, Elizabethtown College

Cooper teaches the business foundation course Management and Organizational Behavior, as well as numerous courses in human resource management (HRM). Cooper received comprehensive training in business ethics by some of the world’s leading ethicists through a program sponsored by Arthur Andersen & Co. Since then, Cooper has facilitated business ethics workshops with hundreds of managers and executives from both Canadian and U.S. firms. She also facilitates workshops in strategic HRM policy, human resource planning, motivation and compensation, and consults with local organizations regarding a variety of strategic HRM issues.

Cooper is currently conducting research on organizational justice (i.e., employees’/students’ perceptions of the fairness of their employers’/professors’ policies and procedures), as well as on the gender balance of top executive positions in large academic, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. Her research has been presented at numerous North American and international conferences and has been published in journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly and the Journal of Applied Psychology.


  • MGMT-360 Management & Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT-361 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT-362 Employment Law
  • MGMT-369 Values, Ethics, and the Good Life
  • MGMT-464 Compensation Structure Design
  • MGMT-465 Performance Management
  • MGMT-468 Women in Organizations
  • MGMT-503 Business Internship
  • WMST-380 Women in Organizations

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