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Photo of Matthew C. Rousu, Ph.D.

Matthew C. Rousu, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
Phone: 570-372-4186
Office Location: Apfelbaum Hall - Rm 311
Office Hours:
10 a.m. – 11 a.m., MW
8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., T

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Academic Credentials:
PHD, Iowa State University
BA, Univ of South Dakota
BS, Univ of South Dakota


  • ECON-105 Elements of Economics
  • ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON-370 Game Theory
  • ECON-373 Political Economic Thought
  • ECON-499 Applied Research Methods
  • ECON-501 Independent Study
  • ECON-503 Economics Internship
  • HIST-390 British History/Culture
  • HONS-301 British Theatre
  • HONS-301 Political Economic Thought
  • MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives
  • MGMT-133 British Theatre
  • MGMT-301 London Preparatory Course
  • MGMT-351 Seminar in European Business Operations
  • MGMT-360 Management & Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT-390 Operations Management
  • OFFR-SWSB SWSB London Program Reflection

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