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Photo of Jeffrey K. Mann, Ph.D.

Jeffrey K. Mann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Go Program: Service Learning Philippines

Phone: 570-372-4165
Office Location: Bogar Hall - Rm 025
Office Hours: 9:50 a.m. – 10:50 a.m., MWF

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Academic Credentials:
PHD, Vanderbilt University
MA, Vanderbilt Divinity School
MA, Concordia Theological Seminary
BA, Kenyon College

Mann teaches courses in Christian theology, world religions and religious ethics. He is the author of When Buddhists Attack and Shall we Sin? His primary research has focused on the history of Lutheran theology. He also publishes on the relationship between Zen Buddhism and martial arts. In addition, he has worked as co-director of the Asian Studies program at Susquehanna University and taught at Senshu University in Japan. He is also the director of a service-learning program for Susquehanna students in the Philippines.


  • HONS-301 Church Hist: Early & Medieval
  • OFFP-PHILIPP Philippines: Service Learning
  • OFFR-PHILIPP Philippines: Service Learning
  • OFFS-PHILIPP Philippines: Service Learning
  • RELI-105 World Religions
  • RELI-107 Faiths and Values
  • RELI-277 Philippines - Hist, Religion, & Culture
  • RELI-312 Church History: Early and Medieval
  • RELI-313 Church History 1500 - Present
  • RELI-400 Church History
  • RELI-500 Capstone

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